Part 6


Part 6 of the Marine Life Blanket is coming to you a little bit later than planned due to a plague that has struck my house! Okay, it wasn’t really a plague, but both my husband and I have been sick this last week. I thought I was getting better on Thursday, but apparently that was not the case!

It’s a breezy Saturday morning as I type up this post and aside from a small headache, I’m feeling much better. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes!

Here’s a little PSA for you, fam: remember to wash your hands, eat your veggies and take care of yourself, because getting so sick that you can’t even lift a crochet hook is no fun at all! (Seriously, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine yesterday, which is my favorite Star Trek series!)

Okay, lecture done! I know you’re eager to get started on Part 6 of the ML CAL, so let me tell you a bit about it. This week’s square is a delightful (and bright!) little octopus, and while it looks like he only has six legs, I promise you that he has all eight of them–the others are just hiding behind him! I’ll admit, it was really difficult to try and fit this little guy and all of his legs onto a 25×25 graph…but I think he turned out pretty great.

The bright orange of the Stylecraft Special DK “Jaffa” color contrasts so well with the “Storm Blue” background color. At first I thought it was too bright, too bold, but after I made a few more squares in the blanket with other bright colors, I knew this little guy would fit in just fine with the other critters!

This week’s square has a few more color changes due to the octopus’ many legs, but I think you’ll agree with me when I say he’s worth the extra effort. I just love him!


Fallen a bit behind? No worries! You can find all of the parts of this blanket on the main project page here–just scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all of the parts of the blanket that are currently available!

New to graphghans? That’s okay! Click here to learn more about Graphghan Boot Camp: a self-paced, online course that will teach you everything you need to know to make this project (and even design your own). There’s still plenty of time to sign up and learn!

To make this square, you’ll need Stylecraft Special DK yarn in Storm Blue, Jaffa, and a little bit of Black for the eyes. For a full list of colors for the entire CAL, click here.

Don’t forget: I’ve used C2C, Stylecraft Special DK yarn, and a G/4.00mm hook. You can use whichever hook, stitch, or yarn you please, but note that your finished project size may differ from mine.

For this CAL, I’ve made graphs with arrows designed for use with the C2C or mini C2C stitch. There are two versions of the graph: a left-handed version (start in the lower left-hand corner) and a right-handed version (start in the lower right-hand corner). Note that there are no written instructions for this CAL, just graphs!

Click here to download the graph for Part 6 of the Marine Life blanket.

I’d love to see photos of your progress as you work on this project! Feel free to share on social media using the hashtag #marinelifecal.


Part 7 will be posted next Friday, October 19th.

For Part 7, you will need Stylecraft Special DK in colors Duck Egg (background color), Blush, Soft Peach, and Black.

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