Part 10


Well, today is the first snow of the season that we’ve had here in my little town, and it’s got me wishing that I could be all snuggled up in my Marine Life blanket! It’s also got me thinking more about my next blanket project…but I’ll share more about that soon.

This week, we’re making another cute little square for the Marine Life CAL. Part 10 of the CAL features a momma and baby orca whale. Aren’t they cute? I just love that little calf!

Pro tip: If you find that your color changes are tidier on one side than the other, you can simply pull your yarn tails to whichever side you want to be the back! You’ll notice that I did exactly that with this square. For some reason or another I still don’t really understand, my color changes looked pretty sloppy on the side I had originally intended to be the front for this square. So, I just pulled my yarn tails to the other side, which basically just flipped the design so that it looks like the mirror image of the graph.

Obviously, that method won’t work for graphs that feature numbers or words, which need to be read in a certain direction, but it worked well for this particular design!


Fallen a bit behind? No worries! You can find all of the parts of this blanket on the main project page here–just scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all of the parts of the blanket that are currently available!

New to graphghans? That’s okay! Click here to learn more about Graphghan Boot Camp: a self-paced, online course that will teach you everything you need to know to make this project (and even design your own). There’s still plenty of time to sign up and learn!

To make this square, you’ll need Stylecraft Special DK yarn in Duck Egg, White and Black. For a full list of colors for the entire CAL, click here.

Don’t forget: I’ve used C2C, Stylecraft Special DK yarn, and a G/4.00mm hook. You can use whichever hook, stitch, or yarn you please, but note that your finished project size may differ from mine.

For this CAL, I’ve made graphs with arrows designed for use with the C2C or mini C2C stitch. There are two versions of the graph: a left-handed version (start in the lower left-hand corner) and a right-handed version (start in the lower right-hand corner). Note that there are no written instructions for this CAL, just graphs!

Click here to download the graph for Part 10 of the Marine Life blanket.

I’d love to see photos of your progress as you work on this project! Feel free to share on social media using the hashtag #marinelifecal.


Part 11 will be posted next Friday, November 16th.

For Part 11, you will need Stylecraft Special DK in colors Duck Egg (background color), Black, Empire, Jaffa, Sunshine and White.

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