Upcoming Make Alongs

So what’s a Make Along?

A make along (or MAL) is an event where a designer releases pieces of her pattern at scheduled intervals – every week, for example. These can be crochet along projects (CALs) or kint along projects (KALs).

At Yarn Geek Makes, my MALs are usually for blankets made up of squares that are stitched together at the end. You can find all of my previous graphghan CALs here. Last year however, I hosted a super fun mystery amigurumi crochet along! You can find more details here.

Ready to find out what MALs are on my to-do list for the next several months? Take a look at the list below!

Upcoming Make Alongs

Plans for 2019

I only have 1 planned MAL scheduled for 2019: the Geek Alphabet Blanket Make Along (also called GABMAL for short). This MAL can be either knit or crocheted; for my own Geek Alphabet Blanket, I plan to use the double knitting technique. Tutorials will be provided and linked to on the main project page.

The GABMAL begins on September 1st. Updates will be posted on the main project page, as well as on the official @yarngeekmakes Facebook page and in the Yarn Geek Family Facebook group. For behind-the-scene photos and sneak peeks of this project, please follow me on Instagram!