Upcoming Make Alongs

So what’s a Make Along?

A make along (or MAL) is an event where a designer releases pieces of her pattern at scheduled intervals – every week, for example. These can be crochet along projects (CALs) or kint along projects (KALs).

At Yarn Geek Makes, my MALs are usually for blankets made up of squares that are stitched together at the end. You can find all of my previous graphghan CALs here.

Ready to find out what MALs are on my to-do list for the next several months? Take a look at the list below!

Upcoming Make Alongs

Plans for 2021

So far, the only for-sure project that I have for 2021 is the Comeback CAL, which starts April 19th and runs all week. Details are coming soon. Many thanks to all of you wonderful crafters for your patience as I struggled to balance new motherhood + pandemic + post-stroke life! Things are on the up, so I hope to be able to plan more yarn geekery in the very near future. Keep checking back here for details!