Chewbacca (Star Wars CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters! Who doesn’t love a Wookiee? (Sith Lords, that’s who!) Naturally, it wouldn’t be a Star Wars CAL without Chewbacca, so here he is! You can download the PDF for the Chewbacca panel here. This PDF contains the graph and written instructions for working the panel in straight HDC, doubling up the rows/stitches as I am. Remember,Continue reading “Chewbacca (Star Wars CAL)”

R2-D2 (Star Wars CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters! Beep…boop…beep beeeeep! There is perhaps no droid that better represents the Star Wars franchise than our beloved R2-D2 unit! Naturally, we had to give this spunky droid its very own square in the Star Wars CAL! You can download the PDF for the R2-D2 panel here. This PDF contains the graph and written instructions forContinue reading “R2-D2 (Star Wars CAL)”

May the Fourth Be With You!

This is such a happy accident–I really didn’t plan for the Star Wars CAL to intersect with Star Wars Day! And what better way to celebrate Star Wars Day (aside from a good dance at the Mos Eisley Cantina, of course) than with some alternate Star Wars CAL graphs! These PDFs contain graphs and writtenContinue reading “May the Fourth Be With You!”

Death Star (Star Wars CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters! I am super excited about this week’s square: it’s the Death Star! That’s no moon! Such an iconic part of the Star Wars franchise just needed to be included in this CAL, and I think the design came out really well. You can download the PDF for the Death Star panel here. This PDF containsContinue reading “Death Star (Star Wars CAL)”

Bonus Graphs (Star Wars CAL)

Happy Thursday, crafters! Some of you may know that I’ve been struggling with finding the motivation to keep up with the release of these squares. I’m just not feeling it this time around, and I’m not sure if it’s the subject, the stitch, the weather–who knows! I’ve decided to put my actual crochet work forContinue reading “Bonus Graphs (Star Wars CAL)”

Storm Trooper (Star Wars CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters! I still don’t have my crojo back. Between wedding planning, this CAL, and life, I’m finding it a little difficult to keep up. Grr. BUT, I can still post the graphs! With the weekend coming up, I’m hoping to at least finish start and finish this Storm Trooper. Darth Vader is finally done, but IContinue reading “Storm Trooper (Star Wars CAL)”

Darth Vader (Star Wars CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters! The sad news is, I’ve lost my CAL crojo. I haven’t felt like working on this CAL all week, and I only just started work on Darth Vader (I still don’t even have the Light Sabers done). But the good news is, I’m still posting graphs! With the weekend coming up, I’mContinue reading “Darth Vader (Star Wars CAL)”

Light Sabers (Star Wars CAL)

Surprise! Since I will be on the road this weekend and I won’t have a chance to share this tomorrow, I’m sharing the next panel(s) of our Star Wars CAL a day early! I decided to share both light saber panels at the same time because, let’s face it, they’re not nearly as massive asContinue reading “Light Sabers (Star Wars CAL)”

May the Force Be With You (Star Wars CAL)

Happy Friday and happy April, crafters! Today marks an exciting day in the Two Hearts Crochet family: it’s the first day of our Star Wars CAL! *cue Imperial March music* This CAL will consist of a one large center panel (40×75), two long side panels (90×11), and six smaller inner panels/squares (25×25). I will be usingContinue reading “May the Force Be With You (Star Wars CAL)”