Star Trek CAL Bonus Squares

Happy Friday Eve, crafters! What better way to celebrate the (near) end of the work week than with a handful of bonus character squares for the Star Trek CAL! These squares come in one handy PDF packet with yarn/color recommendations (sorry, no yardage!), and they cover (most) of your favorite characters from The Original SeriesContinue reading “Star Trek CAL Bonus Squares”

TOS NCC-1701 (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters! For once, this post is actually (pretty close to being) on-time! Amazing! This week, we are sharing the final square of our Star Trek Lapghan CAL–but don’t worry! There are still lots of bonus squares to come! I don’t have a photo ready to share of this square, but trust me–it turnsContinue reading “TOS NCC-1701 (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)”

TOS Science/Medical (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)

Okay, I’m officially the worst. I really did mean to have this posted last Friday, but my days are getting away from me! My deepest and most sincere apologies! The third square of our Star Trek Lapghan CAL is now available! It features the Star Fleet insignia of those wonderful officers in the Science andContinue reading “TOS Science/Medical (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)”

TNG Alternate Squares (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)

Hello, crafters! As a special thank you for everyone’s patience as I struggled to publish the PDF for square #2 of our Star Trek Lapghan CAL, I have managed to put together all four of our TNG alternate squares! These squares (TNG Command, Science/Medical, Engineering/Ops, and the Enterprise’s newer registry number NCC-1701-D) come in PDF formContinue reading “TNG Alternate Squares (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)”

TOS Engineering/Ops (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)

Oh. My. Goodness. I feel like such a terrible crafter! I really did mean to have the second square of our Star Trek Lapghan CAL available last Friday, but, alas, my life is insane! My school celebrated its 124th commencement ceremony on Saturday, which has caused me all sorts of headache, grief, and excitement. TheContinue reading “TOS Engineering/Ops (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)”

TOS Command (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters! Ready to go where no CAL has gone before? I know I am! I am so super excited to share with you the first square of our Star Trek Lapghan CAL. This first square is a 30×30 square worked in the mini C2C crochet method, and it features the insignia for StarContinue reading “TOS Command (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)”