Princess Amigurumi

Looking to add a little bit of princess magic to your life? Look no further!

These princess patterns are some of the first amigurumi patterns I had ever made. Unfortunately, I don’t have any notes from the design process on these, so I apologize if there are mistakes (and there probably are some scattered throughout these patterns).

EDIT: Because I do not have any of my notes for these patterns anymore, I have decided that I will not be updating/correcting these patterns at this time.

To help make my princess dolls match with the other dolls I have created, I will be redoing the entire princess doll amigurumi series as a new “Mini Princess” ami set.

I might redo these particular patterns at a later date, if I can find the time and sum up the courage to attack these patterns again.

As such, these patterns rank as Intermediate+ on our difficulty chart.

Difficulty -IntermediatePlus

Disclaimer: These patterns are solely not-for-profit fan activities, and in no way intend to infringe on copyrights held by Disney, Disney Enterprises, or other professional Disney-related agencies.


3 thoughts on “Princess Amigurumi

  1. Hi, I can’t find the the princess amigurumi patterns. I already made Anna and Elsa, was just going to make the rest but it’s all disappeared 😢 only can find the mini version. But looking for the bigger ones thanks

  2. Good afternoon im looking for the princess patterns please and thank you. I really enjoy making them for my grandchildren.

  3. I really enjoy your patterns, I’ve made your princess and villain’s blanket for all three of my grand daughter now I would love to make these princess amigurumi patterns please!

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