Crocheting a SC Border On a C2C Square

SC Border

To prepare your squares for joining, it is a good idea to work an even row of single crochet stitches around each square. For the Whovian CAL, we will be working 3 sc sts per block.

Below is a sample chart for a piece worked in the C2C method. This block consists of 5 rows. I have marked where the square starts (black star) and where it ends (white star), as well as where you would turn at the start of each new row.


Using this sample square, I have diagrammed how I would work the single crochet border.


  • Starting where the C2C work ended (at the white star), you would pick up your border color and chain 1. Then work 1 sc in each of the 3 sl sts of the first block.
  • For the next block, work 3 sc in the gap created by the chain sts.
  • If you come across a slip stitch that was created when decreasing in the C2C method, skip this stitch. In the diagram above, the next space following our last step is one of these slip stitches. Skip the slip stitch. (It’s important to note that when you’re single crocheting around a larger piece of work–say a 30×30 piece instead of a 5×5 piece–you will have more of these slip stitches to skip.)
  • Work 1 sc in each of the 3 sl sts of the next block.
  • For the next block, work 3 sc in the gap between the second and third double crochet stitches of that block. (See diagram)

You can see how this pattern gets repeated. You single crochet in the slip stitches (or the chain stitches, whichever applies)skip the first slip stitch on the decreasing rows, then single crochet in the gap (whether the gap is created by turning chain stitches or by double crochet stitches).

Note: I do not work any extra stitches into the corners of the square. I haven’t had any problems with the finished corners laying flat, so I didn’t think it was necessary. If your stitches tend to be pretty tight, however, you may want to try working 2 single crochet stitches into each corner.

Using the method above, and doing the math, the final border should be 3 single crochet stitches per exposed side of the blocks. There are 120 exposed sides of the blocks (30 per side of the square), so you should have 360 single crochet stitches around the square as your border (unless you work 2 into each corner, which should leave you with 368 stitches).

Here is a video showing how I’m working my border around the squares. If you have questions, please let me know! I’ll do my best to answer them.

To further prepare your squares for the way I will be joining, use white yarn and work 1 single crochet in each stitch around, creating a secondary border. When we join with white yarn, the secondary border in the same color as our joining color will make the whole process look cleaner.

Why make a border in the background color if you’re going to do one in white anyway?

If you were to work your first border in white on a square whose background color isn’t white, then the sttiches of your white border could look quite messy. By working a secondary border in white around your first border, you guarentee that your stitches are even and level with each other, making it look nice and clean.

Keep an eye out for my tutorial on joining the squares! I will be posting a video with sample squares showing my method of choice. In the meantime, weave in your ends and work those borders–this Whovian CAL is one step closer to being done! Allons-y!

Update: Click here to see a photo tutorial on joining squares. A video tutorial is still in the works!

11 thoughts on “Crocheting a SC Border On a C2C Square

  1. Now is this method the same for doing the mini c2c for the Harry Potter cal? Or would you use fewer stitches in each double crochet space?

  2. Hi Alex, I was just wondering if you would use this same border idea on a Bobble stitch square? Would you crochet a sc border around each square in the same background colour, and then again in the joining colour, and then sc the squares together? Also, would you place 50 sc evenly along each edge of a bobble square?Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. Hi Wendy! I think you’d use the same method. I myself am not very familiar with the bobble stitch. But as long as you crochet your sc border and the border doesn’t bunch, then you should be good to go!

  3. I’m currently making the Harry Potter mini C2C as a blanket for my son, amazing pattern by the way! I did my first square and it is very crooked. Any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong? Or tips on what I can do to correct it? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Michelle! I’ve found that this can happen a lot when you first start out–especially if you are new to C2C. It’s possibly due to your tension. When you’re first beginning, it is easy to let your tension slack.

      The good news is that this can usually be fixed a bit by blocking the square before joining. I’ve found that some of my squares start off a bit loose too, but after I join them, you can’t really tell.

      Hope that helps! I’d definitely recommend blocking it and see how it turns out after that. 🙂

  4. Hi Wendy

    Just wondering, how did you join your squares?

    I’m starting to think how I am going to join my squares. I usded the bobble stitch too.


    Yvonne x

    1. Hi Yvonne, I crocheted a sc border around each square in the same colour as the background
      I then joined my squares with sc so that there is a ridge between each square that clearly divides them. Then I crocheted about 4 rows of sc around the outside as a border. 😊

  5. Hi….i made a c2c blanket. I researched how to put a border around it and each video I looked at said to do a single crochet in between the blocks and chain 2 and go into the space in between the blocks doing a single crochet and the chainingb2 and repeating around the entire blanket which I did. However, I wanted to make the “Reverse Shell Stitch” and you need to work into single crochets around the border. How do i fix this situation now. I have to finish the border tomorrow for a gift for my daughter’s twin baby to give to her at her shower Saturday. Can you help? Thank you.

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