The Whovian Grapghan

Who loves Who? I do! I do!

To celebrate the newest season of Doctor Who, I will be hosting a Whovian-themed crochet along (CAL) right here on the Two Hearts Crochet blog!

This CAL is made up of nine different squares worked in the C2C method featuring several beloved characters from the show! Each square works up to be 30 “blocks” by 30 “blocks”, or roughly 22″x22″, depending on your hook size, tension, etc.

If you want to learn the C2C method or just want to brush up on your skills, take a look at my C2C Basics video tutorials!

If you love Who as much as I do, then you’ll love this CAL! You can view the graphs for each of the squares as they become available by clicking on the appropriate link below. Each PDF contains two versions of the graph AND written instructions (in case you’re not a graph person).

Update as of 8/13/2018: a 13th Doctor square is now available for this collection! You can find Jodi’s Doctor as part of the Doctor Collection of bonus designs; the link is located at the very bottom of this post.

Whovian Graphghan (1 of 3)


Whovian Graphghan (3 of 3)

Below are the links for each of the original Whovian CAL squares, as well as a PDF chart that lists color recommendations in Red Heart Super Saver yarns AND Vanna’s Choice yarns. This chart also contains yardage estimates for all 9 squares as a whole, as well as for each of the original 9 squares individually.

The following list also includes some alternate and bonus squares, including a PDF collection of squares featuring all of the Doctor’s regenerations!

Recommended Hook: size I/5.5mm

Recommended Yarns: Vanna’s Choice

Yarn Yardage/Color Chart PDF

Square #1: Doctor Who?

Square #2: K-9

Square #3: Ninth Doctor

Square #4: Exterminate!

Square #5: Tenth Doctor

Square #6: DELETE

Square #7: Eleventh Doctor

Square #8: TARDIS

Square #9: Twelfth Doctor

Optional Top & Bottom Panels

Alternate Square: Bad Wolf

Alternate Square: Don’t Blink

Alternate Square: Bow Ties (Are Cool)

Alternate Square: Ood

Alternate Square: Captain Jack Harkness

Alternate Square: River Song

Alternate Square: Hello Sweetie

Alternate Square: Spoilers

Additional Alternate Squares (Graphs Only): Rose Tyler, Silence Will Fall, Sunflower For Amy, Moisturize Me, Missy

Bonus Squares: The Doctor Collection (Graphs & Color Suggestions Only): Features  every regeneration of the Doctor (including the 13th Doctor!)

Disclaimer: This is solely a not-for-profit fan activity, and in no way intends to infringe on copyrights held by the BBC, or other professional Doctor Who-related agencies.

144 thoughts on “The Whovian Grapghan

  1. I have the top panel and three if the squares done so far! I am so happy with it so far! Thank you so much for your time and effort you have put into writing this all up! I can’t wait to finish this! Much love from Alberta, Canada!

  2. Omg i love this!! What i needed making this for my best friend i hope she loves it thank you so much!

  3. Hi there. I love all of your patterns!! You are amazing. I just recently came across this and started to work the first square but for the life me can’t wrap my brain around how to decrease. I’ve watched the video but I feel like my count is off from the number in the pattern. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

    1. Since it`s been a while since you posted, you may have figured out decreasing by now, but just in case not, I`d figure I`d mention that the best tutorial on decreasing I found (this was my first c2c too) was on pinterest. It linked to a short, simple, two part video about decreasing.

    1. You can definitely use Red Heart Super Saver! It’s the same weight as the yarn used. So if you use the same size hook and if your tension is similar to mine, you should end up with a similarly sized blanket.

  4. Thank you for these patterns!!! Thank you!
    This was my first time trying c2c crochet, and so far it`s turning out ok. ^_^ (I`m almost done with the first square!) I will say though that even though I crochet right handed, somehow I ended up going in the opposite direction of the arrows. >.> Which could have something to do with the fact that I`m using random yarns and I bet it would turn out better if I used all the same type!

  5. Hello.

    Is there a way to make the War Doctor panel bigger? Say 60 x 60 like a center panel, and then I could put the rest of the Doctors around?

    Thank you for any help you can give.

    (RIP, Sir John Hurt.)

  6. Hi, I’m about to start the don’t blink alternate square and I can’t find anywhere how many skeins of each colour yarn I need. ..could you please let me know.
    I’ve done the first square, it’s my first c2c and i love doctor who! Thanks!

    1. Hi Emma! That particularly square was a “bonus” square, so I did not do the yardage calculations for it. If I had to guess, I’d say you’d need about 2 skeins of the background color and about 1 skein of light grey, dark grey, and black. Hope that helps!

      1. I have made this square and used the amounts you have stated! Thank you for your wonderful patterns!

  7. The is BEAUTIFUL!!! My daughter (who is a huge Dr. Who fan, and 7) is about to have kittens over this pattern. I think I’m going to try to make this for her for Christmas. Thank you for this pattern, it is gorgeous!

  8. I just discovered this pattern and love it! My son and his fiancé are huge Doctor Who fans so I figure this will be a perfect wedding gift! I’m curious about which yarn you used. Did you go with Vanna’s Choice for the afghan you made? Is the Red Heart listed as an alternate?

    1. Hello! I used Vanna’s Choice for this blanket, and it worked great! The Red Heart listed on the chart is an alternative, and the colors may not be an exact match, but they should be close enough. 🙂

  9. Hi, loving my blanket so far, I just wondered how you joined the panels together. ..I’ve never done it before. ..thanks!

  10. loving my blanket so far, I just wondered how you joined the panels together. ..I’ve never done it before. ..thanks!

  11. I love these and can’t wait to start!!!

    Will you be doing a new block for the new Doctor! I’m so excited for a female Doctor!

  12. I love your project! The characters are so cute though I’m probably the only person who has no idea who Dr. Who is!!

  13. I just finished the Bow ties are cool square. It looks so great! Thanks again for creating and sharing these patterns!

    I ended up using Red Heart Royal for the blue because Vanna’s Choice Sapphire was only available online. I ordered it from Joann’s and the yarn they sent was labeled Sapphire but looked more like a light turquoise. The Red Heart was available in the store and the color is perfect! I noticed the Red Heart worked up tighter than the Vanna’s Choice, for me anyway.

    *correction for the Bow ties written instructions – Row 46 should be 6B, 2BL, 6B.

      1. Thank you for your prompt response. I also wanted to tell you that I made the Harry Potter afghan. I gave it to my sister. It was a real hit! Thank you so much for a great pattern!

  14. Hello from France , I began this whovian a long time ago and I made a lot of squares (I made this frists nine and then I chose Don’t blink Bow Ties are cool, Captain Jack and now I will do Hello Sweetie and then I will do For Amy an SIlence, the last one will be the thirteenth so i will wait to finish it 😀

      1. Awesome, will you be adding more squares once we know what she’s known for?? Also did I miss a captain jack square or nardole? Your just so good at this thanks again for all the doc who love 😄

  15. Trying to do this blanket with all the mod doc’s and two squares each of what they are known for withing their season from your wonderful designs. 😉

  16. Hello, I’ve almost finished my 7th square. Only 2 more to go. The problem I’m having is that the “Whovian” “For Life” panels are 109 blocks across, whereas 3 big squares only total 90 block across. Has anyone completed the blanket with the extra header and footer on it? Help, I only have 1 week till Christmas and I’m freaking out.

    1. Ok, so I may or may not have been having a slight brain fart. The Header and Footer are actually 90 block across. It does contain 109 rows, but these are to complete the top corner of the pattern. What can I say…. I’m my own kind of special.

  17. Please please please do one for Sarah Jane, she was Fourth Dr’s companion then came back with Tenth Dr……she’s THE companion of all time 😀. Grew up with the original Dr’s and can think of many many more squares you could do

  18. Huge Doctor Who fan and just recently learned c2c crochet. I usually make dolls/toys and hats and scarves but never keep anything for myself… I cannot wait to make this as a special gift to me!! It looks incredible you did a really good job and thank you soo much for sharing it!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns, they are brilliant! You’re very generous to share them for free considering the time and work that must be involved. I’m not a Whovian myself but I know someone who is and she’ll love this! Mind you, by the time I’ve made the squares (and I want to make them all, obvs!) I’ll probably be a convert and want to keep it myself 😃

    Thanks again!

    Bristol, Uk

    1. Hi Kerry, would you be able to share this pattern as the links don’t work for it anymore?

  20. Gah!! I started downloading the pattern and when I went back to get the last few squares none of the links work anymore!!! Please tell me they’re available somewhere else?!?!?!

    1. I came to the comments to say the same thing! I really hope the author responds soon so we know! 🖤

  21. Finally ready to join the squares after a few setbacks… how do you recommend joining as I can’t find any information about joining this type of square online… sooo excited to put it together!😁

  22. The site had a tent and so you have to go to and follow the link from there. Click on doctor who, scroll down till you get to the graphgan and the patterns are in the section Yarn yardage… hope that helps!

  23. So sad that I’m unable to get the patterns for this. My daughter is a HUGE Whivian and is graduating from high school in a couple days. As moping to make this for her as a late graduation present.

    1. The site changed the link so you have to go to and follow the link from there. Click on doctor who, scroll down till you get to the graphgan and the patterns are in the section Yarn yardage… hope that helps!

  24. The links lead to a Chinese/ Japanese website it is most annoying are the patterns located here or are they broken???

    1. None of the links are working except for the yarn yardage/ color chart. Does anyone know of functional links for this? I’d love to make it for my daughter for Christmas.

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