The Harry Potter Grapghan

Ever since we first met the Boy Who Lived back in 1997, the story of Harry Potter has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. I grew up with Harry Potter–I waited for my owl!–and I know that so many of you did, too.

To express my love for the Harry Potter series, I hosted a Harry Potter crochet along right here on the Two Hearts Crochet blog!

This CAL is made up of thirteen different squares worked in the mini C2C method featuring several beloved characters and/or objects from the series! 12 of the 13 squares consist of a 25×25 grid, while the last square consists of a 50×50 grid (this is the center square).

If you want to learn the C2C method or just want to brush up on your skills, I encourage you to sign up for my Graphghan Boot Camp course! This online course teaches you everything you need to know to make graphghans, and it includes a detailed tutorial on C2C and mini C2C.


With Colors

Here are the links for all of the Official Two Hearts Crochet Harry Potter CAL squares (including alternates and bonus squares!):

Yarn Color & Yardage PDF Chart

Square #1: Hogwarts Crest (Detailed and Simple Versions)

Square #2: Platform 9 3/4

Square #3: The Golden Snitch

Square #4: The Dark Mark

Square #5: The Hogwarts Express

Square #6: Harry Potter (Small Figure and Full Face Versions)

Square #7: Dobby the House Elf – Small Figure and Full Face Versions)

Square #8: The Sorting Hat

Square #9: Ron Weasley (Small Figure and Full Face Versions)

Square #10: The Deathly Hallows

Square 11: Hermione Granger (Small Figure and Full Face Versions)

Square #12: Hedwig

Square #13: Weasley Jumper

Alternate Square: Snape

Alternate Square: Always

Alternate Square: Dumbledore

Alternate Square: McGonagall

Alternate Square: Malfoy

Alternate Square: Lovegood

Alternate Square: Hagrid

Alternate Square: Fawkes

Alternate Square: Lightning Bolt

Alternate Square: Broomstick

Alternate Square: Time Turner

Alternate Square: Hogwarts Castle

Bonus Squares (Graphs Only): The Hogwarts Houses

Want to learn how to join your squares? Click here!

Want to learn how to back your blanket with fleece? Click here!

Disclaimer: This is solely a not-for-profit fan activity, and in no way intends to infringe on copyrights held by J.K. Rowling, Time Warner, or other professional Harry Potter-related agencies.

200 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Grapghan

    1. Hi Sharon!

      Due to the detailed nature of the Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes logo and the small size of the graphs, I don’t know that you’d be able to properly graph it out so that it looks the way it should.

      It could be done, but the graph would have be much larger than my 25×25 graphs.

      1. So mini c2c is 2ch, 3hdc?

        As I’m doing 3ch, 3dc at the mo, and now I’m confused….. HELP

        ps: love your patterns!

  1. In one of your posts you mentioned possibly doing a banner for the top of the Harry Potter CAL. Is this still something you’re considering? I love the idea of s banner on top and adding 4 squares at the bottyto make the blanket a rectangle!

    1. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to design any banners for this CAL. But if you join the Two Hearts Crochet CALs Facebook group, there are some banners in the files section of the group!

      1. Thank you! I requested to join seven days ago, can’t wait to see the banners!

  2. What is the difference between the mini c2c and the regular? And would it be possible to put the “always” on top of the Deathly Hallows symbol?

  3. Hi is there a Voldemort graph anywhere as i am going to give this a try in bobble stitch 🙂

  4. Hi! Looking for the tutorial on the fleece backing. Can you point me in the right direction? I’m lost!

  5. I know you said that all of your squares were made by doing a c2c with hdc but if I did c2c with dc would the pattern still come out okay?

    1. You’d have to play with the arrangemenet, probably! Try cutting out small squares of paper for the outside squares and a larger square (equal to four times the size of your smaller squares) for the center!

  6. Hi! Would you be able to do this with a Tunisian knit stitch crochet? I would assume so, but would it be too small?

  7. I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting these together!!! I can’t wait to make my HP blanket. I am just a beginner. I really appreciate the time and effort involved! Keep up the great work Two Hearts xoxox

    1. I have not used bobble stitch before, but I know there are some tutorials on YouTube you could check out! Then you’d do one bobble per block on the graph, working back and forth across the graph, rather than corner to corner. 😊

  8. Please help. On square #10 deathly hollows row 22 blocks add up to 23 instead of 22. How do I fix it?
    Also, the tutorials for C2C use dc but I want to use the hdc. I saw that you said to chain 4 instead of 6 (like with dc) but how do I go from there. Like with dc you do a dc in the 4th chain them one on the 5th and 6th then go from there. Where do you do the hdc”s in the chain of 4?
    Thank you so much for your help! The blanket looks beautiful!

  9. Hello! Thank you for all the time you have taken to make this all up. I absolutely love this CAL and will be making it for a friend. I was looking at your yarn chart and was wondering how do you figure up how much you need for some of the alternative squares. This is my first time doing c2c. I have made a regular graphgan but I love the c2c look. Thank you so much!

  10. I really like this CAL and decided to make it for my husband. My final square he wanted me to make a Ginny Weasley square so I had modify the Hermoine square slightly. Thank you again!

  11. Hi! This is a great pattern! I was looking at the yarn colors, and was wondering if anyone had made a list of suggested colors for “I love this yarn” from Hobby Lobby? Thanks!

  12. Approximately, how large is each square based on the instructions. I am needing to know for a crib sized blankets and how many of the squares I would need

  13. My squares seem to be leaning drastically to one side, is this normal? The images look fantastic! Except I worry that when I sew it together the blanket may be slanted.

      1. Thank you so much! I will definitely be trying that. This will be a birthday gift for my cousin who is also a huge Potter fan. I am so excited to be making this blanket. Thanks again!

  14. Can you tell me what size the deathly hallows square finishes to? My friends and I are making a squares afgan for a friend of ours before she leaves for college and I thought about using your pattern for my square. Each of us is supposed to make a square of something she likes, she loves HP.

  15. Thank you so much for this blanket. I am enjoying this project for ny daughter. Think I’ll be a bit lost when its done x

    1. Absolutely! If you’re carrying your colors, some of the squares might have too many color changes for it to look as neat and tidy as it would with, say, two colors. But you can definitely go that route instead of C2C! <3 <3

  16. Hello! I am unable to locate the written pattern for 6a – Harry Potter full face (with scarf). Am I just missing seeing it? Thanks!

  17. I feel dumb asking this, But I am wanting to make this but I am unsure how to convert the skeins in the decimal to the amount of skeins I would need. Is there a way to do that? Thank you!

    1. Hi Alycyn,

      Definitely! Just round up. So if the chart says you need 5.71 skeins of Vanna’s Choice yarn in black, round up to 6 skeins. If it says 0.16 skeins in Fern, round up to 1 skein. Hope that helps!

    1. CAL is an abbreviation for Crochet Along. A CAL is usually a pre-scheduled set of pattern releases, and everyone wanting to participate works at the same time on those patterns.

  18. Thank you so much for this pattern and all the time and effort you’ve put into it. I made my granddaughter one and she loves it. I did in sc. Now my grandson wants one, so going to try c2c, maybe hdc.

  19. Hello, I would like to thank and commend you for your thoroughness and for your detailed work! You made my summer a delight, working on the HP blanket for my son’s birthday tomorrow! You have been very helpful with your descriptions, and tutorials and all! THANK YOU! My son is so happy!

  20. Hi there, I’m just finishing off my blanket with the Hogwarts express square. Do you by any chance have a video or any tips on how to embroider the lettering and numbers.
    Many thanks for the designs.

  21. Hello! I’ve just started my blanket and I have finished the first square – I’m so excited! However, mine is slightly slanted – is there a way to correct this when I join the squares together? Thanks!

  22. I just want to say that this is an excellent, excellent blanket. The instructions were clear and well done. I truly appreciate all the hard work you put into this and the fact that you shared it with us. My daughter and son-in-law are going to love this! Thank you so much.

  23. I have just printed the Harry Potter pattern for the Afghan, I don’t want to do c2c can I do row by row, but what st would I use and do I need to do 2st in every chain? X

  24. Hi,

    Are there instructions for the top and bottom borders anywhere? I can’t wait to make this blanket for my granddaughter, but this one is so cool and different because of the borders but I can’t find the instructions anywhere! 🙁 Thank you so much!


      1. If by border you mean edging, it is just a SC around with 3 in the corners.

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