Solar System CAL Week 8: Rounds 101-104


Wait for it… *drum roll*

…we’ve got more void space coming your way today!

That’s right: today we’re starting week 8 of the Solar System CAL, which is made up of four beautiful void space rounds. Are you excited? No? Well here’s something to get excited about: you’re almost done! You’ve only got six more rounds to go until your base blanket is finished, and if that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is!

If you’re still catching up, don’t worry! You can find last week’s portion of the blanket pattern here. These pattern instructions will remain here on the web for the foreseeable future, so don’t worry about them disappearing into the vastness of space!

Rounds 101-104 took me approximately 4 hours to make. Scroll down a little ways to see week 8’s section of the Solar System Blanket pattern!

Update on planet Earth: my voice has returned! I recently filmed a not-so-brief video showing how to make Earth from a chart that I designed. I’m currently editing that video and hope to have it posted this weekend, so be sure to follow along on Facebook for more Earth-y updates!

Lots of you have tagged me in photos of your Solar System Blankets, and I just love seeing them! Feel free to to tag Two Hearts Crochet on whichever social media platform you’re using, and don’t forget to use #SolarSystemCAL! I absolutely love seeing all of your photos, so keep sharing!

There’s only 6 more rounds to go…you’ve got this!

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Solar System CAL Week 8: Rounds 101-104


VOID (continued) – In “MIDNIGHT” Color

Round 101) *hdc inc, hdc in the next 98 sts* x 6. Join with a sl t to the beginning of the round and ch 2. (600 sts)

Round 102) *hdc inc, hdc in the next 99 sts* x 6 (606 sts)

Round 103) *hdc inc, hdc in the next 100 sts* x 6 (612 sts)

Round 104) *hdc inc, hdc in the next 101 sts* x 6 (618 sts)

Getting bigger!
Rounds 1-104 of the Solar System Blanket
I just LOVE the way this is turning out, don’t you?

Ready for some planets? Click here to see all of the planet patterns.

Please Note: Week 9 is available here.


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  1. Many things have kept me from starting (two of these–one for each of my granddaughters), but watching your amazing progress and awesome results are so *inspiring!* I can’t wait to get mine started!!!! Thank you so much for creating and sharing this CAL, Alex! ❤😙❤😙❤😙❤

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