Solar System CAL Materials List

“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.”

– Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who

Science tells us that time and space are woven together like a finely-knit fabric called spacetime. And when I think of time, space, the universe, and even this Solar System CAL, I think of the Doctor’s oh-so-eloquent description of time.

Maybe that big ball of time-y wimey stuff is yarn! A girl can dream, right?

Okay, it’s not yarn. It’s a bunch of science-y things that I don’t really comprehend (but I sincerely appreciate).

BUT, to make this Solar System CAL, you will need yarn – plus a few other items! To prepare yourself for the January 5th start date for this crochet along, take a look at the materials list below.

Solar System Blanket Materials List


  • Size G/4.00mm crochet hook
  • 13 locking stitch markers* (*optional, but very helpful!)
    • 1 stitch marker in a single color (this will mark the beginning of your rounds)
    • 6 stitch markers in a second color
    • 6 stitch markers in a third color
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Row counter* (*optional, but again very helpful!)

Yarn for Main Blanket

The yarn for this project has been provided to me by Stylecraft Yarns.

The yarn recommended below is Stylecraft Special DK yarn. This yarn is my favorite yarn because it is acrylic (so it is easy to care for) and the DK weight makes for a perfect blanket!

UPDATED AS OF DECEMBER 6, 2017: You will probably want to purchase an additional 1-2 skeins of Midnight for the main blanket. I believe I may have miscalculated how much you’ll need for that color. But the four skeins of Midnight listed below will definitely be enough to get you started!

You’ll need Stylecraft Special DK yarn in:

  • Sunshine (1 skein)
  • Midnight (4 skeins 6 skeins)**
  • Grey (2 skeins)
  • Graphite (1 skein)

**Disclaimer: I’m really not sure how many skeins of the Midnight color you’ll need. When I first started working on this blanket, I had a massive yarn tangle that resulted in separating one skein of Midnight yarn into at least four separate balls. As a result, I’ve confused myself! I’ve estimated now that you’ll need six skeins, but it could be more, it could be less. Apologies!

Yarn for Planets

The planets will be made as separate sew-on appliques. I do not know exact requirements of yarn for each planet, but as they are fairly small, they will not require much yarn at all. You may will probably have leftovers of some of the colors listed below.

You’ll need ONE SKEIN of each of the Stylecraft Special DK yarn colors listed here:

  • Claret
  • Cloud Blue
  • Cream
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Mocha
  • Royal
  • Parchment
  • Vintage Peach

Yarn for Science and Sci-Fi Appliques

The bonus science-themed and sci-fi-themed add-ons will be made as separate sew-on appliques. I do not know exact requirements of yarn for each of these appliques, but as they are quite small, they will not need very much yarn. All appliques will use some of the leftovers of the yarn colors listed above.

  • Moon = Parchment
  • ISS = Parchment, Gold, Grey
  • Voyager-1 = Parchment, Gold, Grey
  • Space Shuttle = Parchment, Gold
  • T.A.R.D.I.S. = Royal, Parchment
  • Death Star = Graphite, Grey
  • USS Enterprise = Grey, Claret

67 thoughts on “Solar System CAL Materials List

    1. Is there a written pattern I can download for afghan, plants and the extra pieces? If so can you send link

  1. Thank you for the list. I’m looking forward to starting this in January. I was just wondering if there will be a yarn pack available to buy from stylecraft for this project?

    1. Is this something I have to watch live or is it recorded so I can work on it after I get home from working?

      1. Hi Dollie! It will mostly be written tutorials for this pattern, but I will share a couple of pre-recorded videos that you’ll be able to watch at any time. 🙂

  2. It is posible to have these as the other blankets with colours? It is not easy for me to obtain that brand of yarn.

  3. All the colours are listed, so why not go to a website with the Stylecraft yarns listed (e.g. a UK site like Wool Warehouse or Deramores) and look for a local brand with similar colours in the same yarn weight (UK DK, not sure what that is in other countries but you can google it)?

    1. There isn’t a whole lot of DK yarn in my area, to be honest—nothing near the same kind of price point, anyway. I’ve been blown away with how supportive Wool Warehouse has been in the past. They make it so easy to order yarn, even for me here on the west coast US!

      You know me, I’m always looking for the easy way to do something! 😉

      1. Not an absurd request at all! In the past, I have offered most of my projects with different yarn/color suggestions. Unfortunately, putting these CALs together is taking more and more time and energy, so I’m not able to do that anymore for big projects like this. But it was not an absurd request at all! 🙂

      1. AHHH!! This is exactly the chart I was looking for Jean! Thank you so much :D.

  4. Hej Alex,
    I am very happy to participate in the CAL and hope that I can do it as a beginner. I have posted it in my blog and there are also a few bloggers from Germany who want to join in January: 0) i have just worked with stylecraft DK and it is really great! greetings from Denmark, Ulrike :0)

  5. I was wondering if we could see what the blanket will look like or at least a sneak peek maybe of one of the planets .I would like to get an idea before investing in the yarn .

    1. Hi Jennifer! I’m still working on the blanket, but I may be able to offer an official “sneak peek” soon!

      If you want to see some tiny, filtered “sneak peek” photos, I’ve posted a few on my Instagram account. You can follow me @twoheartscrochet on Instagram to see more!

  6. Thanks for providing a list early! I have been a fan and user of Stylecraft DK yarns for blankets for a few years. I like to check my stash first and then order what I need. The delivery is fast from Wool Warehouse, but I want to be sure since the holidays are already upon us! I can’t wait to make this for a special friend!

  7. Showed this pattern to hubby and he is super stoked for me to make it! He was wondering if there might also be a Deep Space Nine applique.

  8. Is there any Aussies doing this Cal – Most of our yarn is 8ply which is DK anyway… I’m guessing the Lincraft Double Knitting or Spotlight Marvel (Not Stallion) would work well

    1. I’m thinking of starting this this week Jenna. I’m assuming you got the Lincraft or Spotlight yarn. How did you go with colour watching?

    1. Hi Iva! I have not yet heard back from Stylecraft as to whether there may be a kit made for this. If that is decided on, I will share the info here on the website! 🙂

  9. Hi, I’m in the UK. Just wanted to check about yarn. Over here yarn is sold by weight. Stylecraft dk comes in 100g balls of 295 metres length (about 323 yards). Is that equivalent to one skein?

      1. Thank you for this information! I had the same question and am glad I found it already answered. Do you maybe want to add this weight information right in the section “Yarn for main blanket” above? It would be useful for everyone starting late (like me ;-)) . I can’t wait to do the first rounds, tonight… Such a lovely project!

  10. I’m in the UK, over here Stylecraft Special dk is sold by weight. It comes in 100g balls, which are contain 295m (roughly 323 yards) yarn. Is a 100g ball the same as one of your skeins?

      1. Thank you, this is what I was looking, the amount of yarn, in my area we only have Red Heart abd\or a mexican brand so I need to see how much I need to buy .
        Thank yoy

  11. Some of the other designers I follow encourage us to click on a link in their website that takes us to wool warehouse etc which allows them to make a small commission. Do you have an agreement like that? I try not to buy any yarn from them without accessing through a designers link so it you don’t have that arrangement I will get to Wool Warehouse through one of the other designers links. All of you designers do such great work I like to make sure every purchase benefits one of you!

    1. Hi Carline! That’s so sweet of you to consider for your projects from crochet designers. I do not have an affiliation with Wool Warehouse, but I do love them. Perhaps this is something I’ll have to look in to in the future. In the meantime, feel free to purchase your yarn from wherever you think best! <3 <3

  12. So I’m excited about this! Love the planet’s BUT I’m not a massive navy blue fan… do you think it would work if I used a dark purple maybe?

    1. Thanks for asking this! I will do purple as well but never thought about it until seeing your question.

  13. Hi, is this going to be suitable for beginners? I can pretty much do granny squares okay, but haven’t attempted much else, just wanted to check before I purchase all the materials! Thank you

    1. Hi Sara! If you can work in the round, do color changes, and work hdc and sc stitches, you can make this! I’ll be providing some tutorials on how to get started and how to do the color changes, but you may want to brush up on working in the round before you start in on this project. Hope that information helps! 💕

  14. Oh drat, I had all of my yarn selected at Wool Warehouse and when I selected United States, it all disappeared and the following appeared so I guess it is not available in America:

    Delivery Method Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time.
    Payment Method No Payment Required

    1. Hi Kay,

      I’m so sorry you’re having troubles with this! I am not familiar with that happening. Perhaps you can contact Wool Warehouse and see if they have heard of this kind of error? I haven’t had trouble ordering from them from the US in the past, but maybe this is a new thing?

      Hope you get it figured out! If not, you can still use worsted-weight yarn for this project! <3 <3

  15. While I love Stylecraft yarn, I was thinking about using ILTY. I have a lovely black with tiny silver threads in it that is perfect look of stars in space. I bought it for a Starwars CAL that I never did do ( still have the pattern tho). I think it would be perfect for this CA)

    1. Thanks for this! Pushed me into making one for each grandchild instead of just the oldest!

    2. Thank you. I am making one for my sister and her fiance as a wedding gift. I am going to using their wedding date!

  16. Could you measure and give us your gauge? I want to test swatch before I start. Thanks for this!

  17. So upset…. I just found out about this CAL now 🙁 it was only last week that i placed a stylecraft special DK order with enough yarn for 3 lapghans, unfortunately none of the colours needed for this CAL. I can’t order any more yarn until mid year now but i know what the first balls ordered will be….. Im just a bit further away from the time space continuum as the rest of you are hehehe. but i will move at warp speed 9.5 once i get my order placed 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. I am totally adding a word bubble or arrow near Mars with “Mark Watney” written in it (Hubby and I are huge fans of “The Martian”.

  19. So excited get started. Will probably make 2 blankets. One to keep and one to give away. Have you considered making a “serenity” applique as well. Just to round out the nerd spacieness?

  20. Do you think that VC Peacock could replace SC Green and VC Pink Grapefruit replace SC Vintage Peach? Or would that look too odd? I’m trying to keep within Vanna’s Choice.

  21. Hi there,
    Can I start the cal now , even though end of Jan?
    Is the terminology American?
    What is a “serenity” which some have suggested?

    Kind regards,
    Ann in uk

    1. Hi Ann! You can definitely join now! The patterns will be available for the forseeable future.

      I’ve written the pattern using US terms. Serenity is the name of a space ship from the sci-fi show Firefly–it’s a much loved television show with a great fan base! I may have to include it after all. 🙂

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