Our Continuing Mission

Our Continuing Mission

We aim to misbehave…

…we want to craft where no one has crafted before…

…we know that the hook chooses the crafter…

…and we know that fiber arts isn’t so much a strict progression of yarn to finished work, but is actually more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly…timey wimey…craftiness.

Is it crafters first, geeks second? Or is it geeks first, crafters second?

At Yarn Geek Makes, I want to inspire you to create some great geeky goodness (a term you’ll find I use pretty darn often). If it’s geeky or if it’s yarny, you can bet it will be shared here!

Enjoy your time here on my little corner of the web. Life’s too short, so craft and geek out! And whatever you do, don’t let the tribbles out!