Mind + Matter Challenge – Week 1

Welcome, yarn geeks! Today, we embark on a year-long journey of reflection, self care, and crochet. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am!

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the Mind + Matter Challenge page for details about the project, including what yarn I’m using.

Before we get to our first challenge, I want to share an update with you on my mood scarf! If you’ve looked at the color charts, then you’re aware that I went yarn shopping last night to purchase materials for this project. I settled on mostly Lion Brand Basic Stitch Anti-Pilling yarn. But, due to the limitations in color selection, I also chose a couple of colors in Big Twist Soft yarn and Caron Simply Soft Party yarn! I felt that these yarns best represented the moods I want to track in this scarf. If you’re like me and want to mix yarns, I recommend making sure all of the yarns you use are the same weight and of the same material! All of the yarns I’m using are a medium (#4) weight and are 100% acrylic. By keeping them the same weight and material, you’ll have more consistency in your scarf’s texture—not to mention the fact that all of your yarns will have the same care instructions!

Full disclosure: I haven’t started crocheting yet…but I will soon! Now that I have the yarn and I’ve got the color chart up, and now that this post is live, I’ll be able to move forward with the actual crochet bit of this project.

Please note that this project will not have a specific pattern to follow. Track your average daily moods and then crochet or knit one row in that color for every day. If it helps, here’s a couple of things that I’m keeping in mind when I start:

  • My starting chain will be worked in the same colors as row 1.
  • I’m going to start with half-double crochet for the first few rows, just as a nice and easy way to get started. Remember, use any stitch you want!
  • I want my scarf to be approximately 8″ wide. Granted, I have no idea how long this scarf will be…
  • I may do some hypothetical math to see how long a scarf made in HDC and have 365 rows will be… Updates to come!

My plan with this scarf is to be transparent about how I’m feeling, with the hopes that it will help you find comfort, acceptance, and peace with being open about your own emotions. Over the last two years, I’ve really struggled with identifying my feelings, so I really do believe that naming them and acknowledging them is going to do me a world of good.

To that end, here’s the first 4 days’ moods for my project:

  • January 1 – Peaceful
  • January 2 – Triumphant
  • January 3 – Peaceful
  • January 4 – Tired/Drained

I’m only halfway through the fifth day, but it’s feeling like an optimistic one for me!

And now for the challenge… Enjoy!

Mind + Matter Challenge

Week 1: Feelings Check-In

How do you feel?

Yes, that’s really our first challenge. Let yourself acknowledge the emotions you experience throughout this week. See them, feel them. And, if it resonates with you, let them go.

If, like me, you find it hard to identify your emotions, try using a feelings wheel! This tool really helps to break down emotions and is a great resource for when you really want to name that vague feeling you’ve been feeling.

Remember to be kind to yourselves, dear ones!

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  1. I absolutely love this! I have also been struggling with GAD and MDD, my MDD was just diagnosed in December so it’s been a rough couple months. I’ve been over compensating by starting lots of projects and not finishing any. I think this is one that I will stick with. Thank you so much for putting this together!

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