New Decade, New Goals

Recap: 2015-2019

With 2020 just around the corner, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about just how much my life has changed in the last few years.

In 2015, I officially started this blog, which was known until recently as Two Hearts Crochet. We started off small with some pretty cute Disney Princess patterns and my first ever graphghan, the Whovian Blanket, and we have grown so much since then!

In the years that followed, we made a bunch of other neat, nerdy projects like the Star Trek amigurumi dolls and the Marine Life Blanket. I learned some new techniques like tapestry crochet (used in the Marauder’s Scarf) and filet crochet (used in the Kraken Shawl, Dragon Shawl, and Nessie Wrap). But one of my favorite makes of all time was definitely the Solar System Blanket and all of the nerdy appliqués that I made at the beginning of 2018!

One of my most exciting highlights of the last few years was making the decision to finally turn this blog into a real, licensed business, which I did in September 2017. Since that time, I’ve been working hard to become more active on pattern sites like Etsy and Ravelry, and that’s encouraged me to create some fun new designs like my husband’s favorite, the Hedgehog Pillow!

In the fall of 2018, I launched my most ambitious crochet resource ever: the Graphghan Boot Camp ecourse. I’m so pleased that this course has helped so many people take the leap into learning how to make and design their own custom graphghans! To this day, GBC is the one crochet-related project that I am proudest of.

2019 has been a slower year compared to the last few. One of the biggest accomplishments of this past year was the rebrand from Two Hearts Crochet to Yarn Geek Makes, which I believe better fits the spirit of this site.

Another major achievement is my recent foray into double-knitting! I’ve been wanting to learn how to double-knit for several years now, but I finally decided to take the dive and learn. As a result, I’m piecing together my baby’s first blanket, the Geek Alphabet Blanket, and I’m really pleased with how it’s coming along so far!

I’ve learned a lot these last few years about myself, my craft, and my mental health, and I plan on taking those lessons with me as we dive into the new year. This brings me to…

My 2020 Goals

This new year is bringing so many wonderful changes into my life, but I am determined to stay connected to this blog and to my readers in the months to come. Running this blog and working with all of you brings so much joy into my life!

New Year’s resolutions are always hard to keep, but I’ve decided to list mine here for posterity. Let’s keep each other on track, yeah?

Goal #1: Be Kinder

My main goal is to simply be kinder: kinder to others, and especially kinder to myself. This includes things like not beating myself up for putting a WIP in time out.

It also means that I will try not to be upset with myself if I can’t check everything off of my to-do list. I’ll take every checked-off item as its own accomplishment and (here’s the kicker) not view the unchecked items as failures.

This goal is first on my list particularly because it’s one I’ve had a hard time with over the last several years. I have been open about my struggles with anxiety over the last couple of years (especially this last year), and I believe that sticking to this goal is going to be very beneficial for my mental health.

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Goal #2: Think Smaller

By smaller, I mean less complicated. I’ve realized that I have a tendency to over-complicate things, to dream big and want to tackle all the shiny new projects. In an effort to be kinder to myself (RE: Goal #1), I’m going to try not be quite so ambitious when it comes to planning up projects.

This also means that none of my planned projects for 2020 are likely to be graphghans…sorry!

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Goal #3: Fewer Projects

Lastly, my third goal is to try and stick to just one project per month in 2020 (except for June, which I have completely given myself as a freebie to help welcome baby Mikkelborg into the family). Similar to goal #2, I tend to try and cram too many projects into the year, and it results in an infeasible workload. This leads to incredible amounts of stress, fatigue, and a major loss of crafty mojo.

I haven’t yet planned out my 2020 projects, but I hope to soon! (I actually just bought a new giant wall calendar to help me out with this…hooray for organization!) I do have a couple of baby projects planned, excluding the remaining squares of my Geek Alphabet Blanket, but otherwise this year is a blank slate.

Another thing I hope to do this year is to introduce a new size amigurumi pattern, something a bit larger than my mini amigurumi series, hopefully measuring approximately 8″ tall. The larger doll size will allow for more detailed work on faces and clothing, and it’ll be a nice change from the mini amis!

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What are your goals for 2020?

Nothing helps you meet your goals like a supportive group of people to help keep you accountable, so let’s share. Leave a comment and tell me some of your goals for this new year!

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5 thoughts on “New Decade, New Goals

  1. 2020 complete the WIP that have hung on to the new year, and not to over project myself afterwards. Happy New Year!

  2. I’ve not even thought much about 2020, to be honest! We don’t do “New Year’s Resolutions” anymore in our household, we call them “New Year’s Aspirations” … which probably falls under your #1.

    Congratulations on baby Mikkelborg!! I hope all goes well with that very personal project! 😀

  3. I’m going to organize and downsize. That’s my motto, my resolution, and my goal. Organize and downsize.

  4. Hi, happy 2020!
    Congrats on your very personal wip 👶
    I’m currently working on your Harry Potter blanket for my granddaughter (she’s a hufflepuff) and next is a second HP blanket for my (gryffindor, according to daddy) 7month old granddaughter. Then last week my eldest has informed me she loves my Christmas blanket so much she doesn’t want to put it away so could I (please) make a ‘Friends’ blanket, of which I am yet to source but I have seen one on Pinterest but don’t remember the makers name 😔. I will though, by hook or by crook find her/him and see what I can do.
    I’m not rushing anything and everything gets done, when it gets done!!
    That’s me for 2020, achieve as much as I can but at my own pace 😅
    … oh yeah, and lose some weight!!
    Also if I remember (my mind is not what it was[menopause, kids, grandkids etc,etc] ), I’ll post any and all makes …. wish me luck!!

  5. I’m a special education teacher so my biggest goal for 2020 is to complete all of the necessary course work for recertification.

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