New Pattern: The Hedgehog Pillow

Sometimes you just need a comfy, cuddy pillow to curl up with after a long day (week, month, year–whatever). Bonus points if it’s something cute to have in your home, right?

Well friends, I’ve got just the thing: it’s my latest finished project, the Hedgehog Pillow!

Seriously, I just can’t get over how adorable this little guy is! His back is covered in bobble stitches made with the squishiest yarn (100% acrylic–so machine washable), and he’s just the right size for snuggling. I think he’d make the perfect addition to any nursery or kids room–or, heck, make one for every couch and bed in the house!

My husband doesn’t exactly describe things as “cute”, but that’s the first thing he says about this pillow every time he walks by it in our living room. I’ll take that as his seal of approval!

I’ve written up the pattern in a handy PDF format–click here to read more about how to download the pattern.

I think you’re going to like him at least as much as I do, maybe even as much as my hubby does!

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