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TGIF, right?

This week has been crazy for me (both at my day job and at Two Hearts), and I’m so very ready for a nice, quiet weekend. I don’t know if that’s what I’ll have, but that’s what I’m hoping for!

Earlier today, the first chunk of the pattern for the Solar System CAL was posted right here on the website. Week 1 of this crochet along covers rounds 1-30 of the base blanket, and it should take the average crocheter about 4 hours to make this section of the blanket. Not too bad, right?

The first day of a crochet along launch is always crazy. I should probably be prepared for that by now, but it always catches me off guard.

Apologies for those of you who weren’t aware of the time Week 1 of the Solar System CAL would be posted! I was shooting for 10am PST (and made it–whew!), but I had some tech difficulties this morning. I also learned that the countdown on the signup page was set for the wrong time, so it may have confused you. Sorry about that!

Seriously, one of these times it’ll go PERFECTLY AS PLANNED!

If you’re joining me for the Solar System CAL (and I hope you do!), you can find all of the information you’ll need right here. Make sure you read through the information on that page, and then scroll down to the bottom to see the materials list, a link to the “getting started” page with tips and videos, and a link to Week 1 of the CAL. The rest of the weeks will be posted at the bottom of that page as well as soon as they happen.

On Sunday morning (10am PST, January 8), I’ll be doing a Facebook Live video over on the Two Hearts Crochet Facebook page! I’ll try to cross-post it live to the Two Hearts Crochet Family group as well. The live video will be a Q&A session for the Solar System CAL, so if you’ve joined up and you’re struggling or have questions, that’s going to be a perfect place for you to share. Again, that video will be live on my Facebook page at 10am PST on January 8th, so join me if you can!

Now that the Solar System CAL has launched, I’m very excited to take a little bit of a breather. You may have figured out that the base blanket for my Solar System Blanket was started a while back, so I’m a bit ahead of you guys. It was a good choice for me, because 2018 is really picking up, and I’m having less time to crochet than I’d thought I would have.


So what else is coming up? Well, because I don’t know how to slow down, I’m launching the Mystery Ami CAL next Tuesday! This crochet along is going to be so much fun. I love making amigurumi dolls, and I’m hoping to challenge myself a little bit with this CAL.

The Mystery Ami CAL is a year-long crochet along! We’ll be making 1 doll per month (at least!), and the only hint you get is that they’ll be somewhat “nerdy” in nature. I’m terrible at surprises, and I want so badly to tell you what I’ve got planned for January…but I won’t!

smell mums the word GIF
FACT: It’s not Dwight. (Although that would be awesome.)

If you’d like to sign up for email notifications for the Mystery Ami CAL, click here!

A materials list will be provided for every doll on the first week’s portion of that doll’s pattern (should be the first week of every month).

Mystery Ami CAL

2018 is shaping up well, and I’m very excited for all of the projects this year will bring! If you have photos you’d like to share from the Solar System CAL, just use #solarsystemcal on social meda–I’ll be able to see it that way! (Same goes for the Mystery Ami CAL–use #mysteryamical).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of craftin’ and relaxin’! <3 <3


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  1. I was going to give this as a gift, but the more I work on it, the more I think I can’t part with it! Guess I’ll have to make two.

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