2017: A Year in Review

2017_ A Year In Review

Happy holidays, friends! I hope you’ve been able to celebrate this holiday season – whatever your faith – in your happiest of ways. For some of you, that may be surrounded by friends and family. For others, it may be curled up by a cozy warm fire with a good book. To be honest, both of those sound like absolutely wonderful ways to celebrate the winding down of the year!

My Christmas celebration involved spending three uninterrupted days at home with my husband, snacking on chocolate and tacos (not simultaneously), and enjoying marathons of Star Wars movies and a three-day-long round at our favorite board game, The Farming Game. It was three days of so much fun, and I wish it could have lasted just a bit longer – but that’s just the way life goes, I suppose.

As 2017 begins to wind down, I’ve taken some time to reflect on all of the wonderful projects and happenings that this year has brought to the Two Hearts Crochet family. It’s been a magical year!

Honestly, I had no idea just how many projects I’d completed this year until I started looking back at 2017 photos to include in this post, and now I’m feeling even more overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment and joy. Seriously, I’m crying here – this is amazing!

Here’s a handful of things that happened this year:

  • I finished making all of my Mini Star Trek Amis and published those pattern sets
  • I made some adorable little STEMinism dolls (and gave them some awesome protest signs)
  • I designed my first non-hat, non-scarf wearable pattern: the Nerdy Cardi
  • I made my first cowl pattern, the TARDIS cowl
  • I started doing Facebook Live (and Instagram Live!) videos for the first time
  • I designed and published amigurumi patterns for the Sanderson Sisters (from Hocus Pocus, the best Halloween movie ever) and the Winchester brothers (and adopted angel puppy Castiel, from Supernatural)
  • I interviewed actress and fiber art enthusiast Katherine Heigl
  • I launched my very first ecourse, the Amigurumi Crash Course
  • I fixed a very serious shrinking mistake made with a knit sweater my aunt-in-law gifted me this same year
  • I started, completed, and gifted away the blanket made from the Firefly CAL
  • I finally got a business license for the Two Hearts biz
  • I made my very own Bobble Sheep Pillow pattern
  • I finished designing and publishing the patterns for the Mini Princess Amis (including Leia!)

And to top it all off, my beautiful fern is still alive! (Though she doesn’t look as pretty anymore…)

I can’t even believe how great 2017 has been. Looking back at this list of accomplishments, I feel truly overwhelmed. How did I even find the time to do all of these things?! Clearly there is more time in the day than I realize!

As 2017 comes to a close, I am truly shocked at just how many project I was able to fit into a single year. My productivity this year has set an unprecedented standard for 2018, one that I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with.

At the end of this year, I am tired and a little worn down. The launch of my first ecourse earlier this month particularly took a lot of energy from me, and I look forward to relaxing a bit over the last few days of December.

Looking ahead, 2018 is going to be full of many fun projects, but I’m hoping to keep things a little more calm than this past year. We’ve got the Solar System CAL starting January 5th, and the Mystery Ami CAL starting January 9th, and I’m planning on making an awesome kraken-themed shawl sometime in the spring as well. I’ll even have another ecourse launching in 2018 (it’s going to be GREAT), so I’m sure to be super busy!

As we ring in the new year, I hope you get to take a moment and reflect on all of the joys that 2017 has brought you. It’s been a difficult year, a challenging year, but a year full of hidden blessings all the same.

So how about you? What projects have you completed this year, and what are you looking forward to making in 2018?


3 thoughts on “2017: A Year in Review

  1. You did accomplish a lot in 2017! I found your blog through your Katherine Heigl interview and have enjoyed every post I’ve read. I purchased your Amigurumi Crash Course and can’t wait to start the videos. I also can’t wait to start the CAL in the new year too 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Hej Alex,
    you have done a lot this year!I just came across your blog, but I crocheted a harry potter blanket for my daughter, where I can not actually crochet: 0)This year, I will make a Harry Potter Quilt as an annual project with 12 guest bloggers on patchwork and quilting in my blog, I’m also looking forward to the CAL in January. there is also a Quietbook sew along in september with me in the blog. So it will be a lot of work and fun. I wish you a happy new year and a creative year. best regards from denmark, ulrike: 0)

  3. Wow what a busy year! It’s amazing how much we can get done without realising, I had a look through my FO Friday posts and there are loads of them!

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