An Interview with Katherine Heigl

Interview with Katherine Heigl

Hello crafters!

As with many aspects of my personality, I’m a very inclusive person. So while I primarily crochet, I adore all fiber arts! I’ve been trying to learn how to knit off and on for the last few years, and even though I struggle with it, I find peace in the act of learning a new fiber skill.

I have been a longtime reader of Katherine Heigl’s blog, Those Heavenly Days. She always shares beautiful photos, fun projects, and tidbits of her life that ring so true. If you have not yet visited her blog, hop on over and take a look! (Trust me, you’ll love it!)

What I enjoy most about Katherine’s blog is the way her humanity shines through in her writing and photos. Her transparency about her life and loves reminds me that we are all unique people with talents and interests that should be shared with the world.

Katie is an avid knitter. Her favorite knitting projects are ones that call for chunky yarn, big needles, and can be knit up in an afternoon of marathon knitting and TV binge-watching. Who doesn’t, am I right? Like you and me, she loves the peaceful rhythm you fall into when you really hit your groove with a project and how you can take a pattern and make it your own by what yarns and colors you choose.

As a beginner knitter and fiber art-lover, I thoroughly enjoy reading about her recent projects and what’s currently on her needles, and I thought you would, too! In her recent blog post “In My Knitting Basket This Month“, she talks about the beautiful yarns and projects she’s got coming up in the future. She also talks about this in her new YouTube vlog, which you should definitely watch! You can find that vlog episode here.

If you’re like me, you’re probably curious about other crafter’s likes/dislikes and their crafty habits. I recently had the opportunity to ask Katie a few questions about her craft, which I am eager to share with you!

An Interview with Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl knitting an Azel Pullover
Photo Credit: Katherine Heigl, Those Heavenly Days

Alex: When/how/why did you first learn to knit?

Katherine: I first learned to knit when I was about 19. Martha Stewart had a knit scarf tutorial in her magazine one fall and I decided to give it a shot and knit my father a scarf for Christmas. Unfortunately I made a ton of newbie mistakes and didn’t realize I should have factored in my father’s height (6 foot 4 if you’re curious) to determine the right length. It ended going from about 30 stitches to 50 and ended around the top of his chest. It looked totally absurd but I refused to give up! I took some classes, learned the basics and have not put my needles down since.

Katherine Heigl knitting an Azel Pullover
Photo Credit: Katherine Heigl, Those Heavenly Days


A: What sorts of knitting projects are your absolute favorite to make and why? 

K: Right now I’m loving anything Alpaca and hand dyed. I just love the cozy softness of Alpaca and so many of the hand dyed yarns come in exquisite variegated colors that add so much beauty to even the most simple of patterns.


A: Can you describe your yarn stash for us?

K: This requires a photo!


A: If you were stranded on an island and you could only choose one yarn to take with you, which would it be?

K: That’s a tough one but probably Purl Soho’s Gentle Giant in every color!


A: I know you’re an avid knitter and that you’re super crafty. Do you have any other yarn- or fiber-related crafts that you enjoy or want to learn more about?

K: My interest has recently been piqued by weaving. If I end up with a loom you’ll know I’m in trouble!


A: Lastly, do you have any advice for other fiber artists out there who want to get into knitting?

K: Start slow and take a class or two. Knitting is really very simple but you need a good foundation in the basics. There are so many YouTube tutorials nowadays but I still think it’s best to find your local yarn shop and sign up for a couple of one-on-one lessons. The teachers will help you pick the exact right yarn and project to start with so that you don’t get frustrated and give up.

Photo Sep 17, 2 31 44 PM

Image Credit: Katherine Heigl, Those Heavenly Days

Want more? Jessica from the blog Mama In A Stitch also recently interviewed Katherine about her love of knitting. You can read Jessica’s interview here.

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