Revamp in the Works

If you’ve visited the website in the last day or so, you may have noticed a few changes. And while the interim may be a bit messy, the end result is going to be so worth it.

So what’s changed? Let’s dive in!


New theme, new menus!

For starters, I’ve chosen a new theme that allows for more menus and a better user interface – but it’s also not so different that you’ll get lost!

The new theme allows for a very handy social menu that links to all of the Two Hearts social media platforms, including our most popular (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube).

I’ve also revamped the main menu, which now features more organized content and fewer options along the top menu. That means it’s less crowded and easier to use. Win!

Doesn’t that look sharp?



Pattern Organization

To further the menu cleanup, I’ve reorganized all of the patterns available on the website. These patterns now fall into FIVE categories:

  • Amigurumi
  • Grapghans & CALs (former CALs included!)
  • Wearables (hats, scarves, etc.)
  • Home & Other (for those things that don’t quite fit into the other categories)
  • Craftivism

This means that you can find exactly what you’re looking for!



Official Stuffs: Policies and Media Kit

Two new pages are up on the website now: the Media Kit page and the Policies page.

As I work to grow this website and make it even more awesome than it already has been, I realized that I should probably have a page listing my website policies. So I’m a bit behind the curve, but there it is!

The Policies page will be subject to changes and additions as the blog becomes more – for lack of a better word – official-y.

I will also be uploading a media kit (to the Media Kit page, of course), which will be available for other brands, websites and companies – or whoever is interested!


Post Clean-Up

The other major change to the website has been a week-long clean-up spree. I have gone through every single blog post I have ever written and cleaned out all of the old categories and misused tags – talk about a hefty project!

This may sound silly, but I didn’t really understand the purpose of blog categories and tags until recently. I will totally own up to that!

Now that I understand, I want to make the content on this website easier to find for my readers. I am creating new categories and logical tags, and I will be adding those to my old blog posts retroactively. Some blog posts won’t get any new tags or categories (seriously, there are over 400 posts!), but all of the important ones will.


I also have a really cool new feature on the side of any web page (except the home page!), which allows you to filter blog content by category or tag. You can see that I don’t really have any categories or tags uploaded yet, but that will change!

My hope is that this will make it easier for you to find content that helps inspire your craftiness. My old system just bogged everything down, and it was so hard to find anything that wasn’t a super popular project. But not anymore!


But that’s not all…

There’s more to come and lots of tweaks to make along the way. You may want to avoid your saved links and bookmarks for a while as I’m making these changes. If you want to update your bookmarks for anything on our Patterns or Resources pages, you should be fine to do so now!

Thanks so much for your patience as I work to make this website a better (and happier!) place for you to visit!

Can you think of any changes that should be made to the website?

Use the form below and let me know what changes you would like to see!



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