Birthday Fun

Happy Friday, crafters!

My birthday was on Monday, and I was so touched by all of the birthday wishes in the Two Hearts Crochet CALs Facebook group. You are all so sweet!

I had a fantastic birthday–and an even better weekend! My grandparents came to visit from the other side of the state, and we had such a good time catching up with each other. They also brought me a box of my baby things from my mom. There were drawings from preschool, Little Mermaid baby shoes (super cute!), and lots of teeny tiny preemie baby outfits–including an outfit that my grandmother had sewn by taking a Cabbage Patch doll outfit pattern and halving it. Yup, I was a teeny tiny baby!

As much as I loved going through all of those things, my favorite items from the box were the blankets, hats and booties that my grandmother and great-grandmother had crocheted all those years ago.


I particularly love the one on the right. It is a chevron striped blanket with a shell stitch border. What I love best is that the stripes start and end randomly, and the colors are just as odd and vibrant as my great-grandmother was in life.

It’s hard to tell in the picture below, but you can see that she crocheted over her ends, too, which is my favorite way to manage yarn ends! When I first picked up this blanket, I thought that it was starting to fall apart. But it wasn’t! It’s just a couple of loose ends peeking out–an easy fix!


The granny square blanket, made by my grandmother, is super soft after all these years. I absolutely love it. There is also a matching bonnet to go with it!

The white blanket is another favorite of mine (who am I kidding–I love them all!). The stitching is incredibly beautiful, and it’s extra special to me because it was the blanket my grandmother made for my baptism. Check out this breathtaking stitchery!


I’m so glad that my mom was able to save these things for me. My husband’s family saves everything; it’s so nice to finally have a little piece of my family history in our home.

To make my birthday even better, my new Furls crochet hook arrived in time for me to use it, and it is simply gorgeous! I thought my last Furls hook was pretty, but my new hook is absolutely beautiful!

I used my new hook to finish my V-ery Snuggly Baby Blanket, and I even made a unicorn hat to go with it!


Look at that beautiful hook! I just want to use it for everything now!


I know $79 is a lot for a single crochet hook, but I have to say that these are hands down my favorite hooks. They’re gorgeous and they’re very ergonomic. I’ve been having problems with my wrist lately, and using this hook almost makes me feel like I’m crocheting with magic. Now if only I could get some of these projects to crochet themselves…

It’s been a very long week, but I’m glad the weekend is finally here. I’ve spoken with a few people who live nearby who also crochet, so we’re meeting up for coffee tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll make some new (and local!) crochet friends! It’s been hard to be the only person in my friend and immediate family group that crochets–it’ll be nice to sit with some like-minded people and craft for a little while!

This weekend, I plan to finally take the last photos for the Mini Princess Amis and get the patterns for Anna, Elsa and Moana. I also need to take photos for Harry Potter, because his pattern is just about ready, too!

I hope to take all of those photos on Saturday and get the patterns posted Saturday evening or Sunday sometime. I also hope to start work on Hermione and Ron!

was going to try to put together a written pattern for the V-ery Snuggly Baby Blanket, but my notes were accidentally thrown out. However, I really like that stitch, so I plan to use it again in the near future!

Anyway, I hope all of you have a craftacular weekend–I know I will! <3 <3

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  1. oh!! Happy Birthday!! All you projects are beautiful!!! and its always nice to have family heirlooms and sweet reminders of the past. I agree they are all so pretty!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Your unicorn hat is the cutest! and it’s so nice that you have all those blankets from your family 🙂

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