New Item in our Etsy Shop!

Exciting news (plus, a discount)!

A while back, I started a long, slow process of re-vamping my Etsy shop. It never was very successful, but since I didn’t have a clear vision for it, I put the shop on a semi-permanent vacation last year.

But we’re back! We have our awesome Bobble Sheep Pillow pattern up there now. But wait! Wasn’t that a free pattern?

The answer is, of course, yes! You can find the free version of our Bobble Sheep Pillow pattern here on the blog.

So what’s with the paid pattern? While the free pattern has everything you need to know to make those adorable sheep pillows, the paid pattern offers a bit more guidance. It’s a bit wordier in the explanations, has a couple extra photos, and comes in a nice and tidy, easy-to-read PDF format. If you’re interested, you can find the paid pattern here.

But, as the title of this post suggests, we’ve got something new in the Etsy shop now!

I modeled these dolls for my grandparents in the spring. They LOVED them!

I’m super excited to share the option to buy customized mini dolls! There are hundreds of customization options with these dolls. You can pick from different outfit styles, types of sleeves, and a whole bunch of fun hairstyles. Plus, there are added accessories, which are totally optional and totally included with the price of the doll!

Each doll costs $18, which helps cover the cost of materials, time, and all of the customization. If you want to take a look, you can see the Etsy listing here!

We’ve got the best followers here at Two Hearts Crochet. As my special birthday treat to all of you, you can get 27% off of your order of $20 or more! Basically, buy one doll–get a chunk of a discount! Just use the magic code: ITISYOURBIRTHDAY27. (Yes, that is a Dwight Schrute reference!) This offer is good from now through my birthday (August 14th, woot!), so order soon if you want that special birthday discount! #partytime

3 thoughts on “New Item in our Etsy Shop!

  1. The custom dolls is such a neat idea! Your grandparent dolls are adorable!! I once made a doll that looked exactly like my husband’s Jiu Jitsu instructor. It was so much fun and he loved it!! Also – the whole episode for Kelli’s birthday was awesome but this Dwight scene in particular made me laugh a lot!!! 😀

  2. Really cute indeed, I think your shop has a great potential, just push through the revamp stage and add some listings – personalised dolls is great idea. I would be delighted to read some more about your Etsy experience, as I am a shop owner as well (on revamping and yet not clear vision defined mode as well :-))

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