What’s up with August?

Some of you may already know, but…

August is my birthday month! August is always busy for me, and this year is no different. I’m very excited, because I have some very dear friends visiting this weekend, and my grandparents are visiting the next weekend. I am having a birthday dinner celebration with another close friend next week and…

I’m hosting a giveaway!

More details will be shared soon, but here’s what I can say so far:

  • The giveaway will begin on Monday, August 14th (my birthday!) and it will last about a week.
  • It will be a Thirty-One giveaway through my online party.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to win a very awesome crochet tote bag, like this one:

Eat. Sleep. Crochet

Details about the giveaway will be posted on the blog and on all of our social media platforms on Monday, August 14th, so stay tuned!

In other August news, I’m still working hard on that V-ery Snuggly Baby Blanket I talked about yesterday. It’s hard to balance crochet time with cleaning time at my house. I’m also putting together written instructions for the Peanuts Graphghan, which will be released TOMORROW!

It’s busy busy busy at my house, but so much fun. Keep an eye out for more giveaway details! <3

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