Coming Soon: the V-ery Snuggly Baby Blanket

Happy Wednesday, crafters!

In an effort to continue my crochet education, I’ve decided to try and learn a new stitch once in a while. Such a radical idea, I know!

What started off as a swatch has now become the workings of a baby blanket for some family friends, who are expecting their first baby boy this weekend. What do you think so far?


This stitch is called the V-Stitch, and it is both beautiful and easy to work. While there are a few different variations of the V-Stitch, here is a diagram of how I am working this particular stitch:

V-Stitch Diagram

I love this stitch because it’s really easy once you get going, and it looks very pretty by itself. Pair it with a cozy yarn and you can make a quick little baby blanket!

I’ll be providing a written pattern for the V-ery Snuggly Baby Blanket in the next couple of days (get it? V-stitch? V-ery Snuggly?), but first I have to finish the blanket itself. I am about halfway through with the body of the blanket, and then I plan to find a nice and simple edging to go around the entire thing.

This baby blanket has got me wanting to make all kinds of baby items. Isn’t the texture just lovely?! I’m using Stylecraft Special DK yarn and size G hook, so the resulting blanket is soft, light, and very snuggly (hence the name)!


I hope to have this blanket finished by Thursday night, which means I could post the pattern after that. The baby is due this weekend–nothing like cutting it close, am I right?

Have a GREAT Wednesday, everyone! Keep it crafty!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, my notes for this blanket have been accidentally thrown out, and the blanket is off to its new home. This means that I won’t be able to put together a pattern at this time. BUT, I absolutely love this stitch, and I definitely plan on making another blanket like this in the future!

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon: the V-ery Snuggly Baby Blanket

  1. It’s beautiful the V stitch is one I know well. I have a pattern for a stitch sampler afghan, it’s one I don’t mind making over and over. I use it to use up left over bits of yarn, I try to make make every row a different color. The X stitch is fun too, have you tried the star stitch?

    1. When I decided to try to learn a new stitch the other day, I tried the star stitch! But I was going off of the chart, which was hard for me to read. So I decided to try something maybe a bit easier–the v-stitch!–and was much happier!

      Next time, the star stitch for sure! 🙂

      1. It took me a few tries to get the star stitch right. I made baby booties following a pattern with that stitch.

  2. I love v stitch too, it looks great. Cutting it fine is an essential skill for a crafter, I’m always making things at the last minute!

  3. I really like the V stitch, but I’ve still never used it on its own like this. I mostly use it for making dragon scales. But it’s so pretty, I definitely should start using it as a stitch in its own right!

  4. Beautiful color for that blanket!! I love the V stitch! I use it all the time between lacy rows or as a set up for a row of fan stitches! I always seem to be rushing to finish things at the last minute too!! 😀

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