Stitch Monthly, and Other Things…

If you’ve visited the blog lately, you may have seen a new pop-up message come across your screen that looks a little something like this:


That’s because I’m trying out a brand new mailing list service called MailChimp. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but I think I’m finally starting to figure it out.

So what’s happening? I’ll tell you! When you follow the blog, you’ll now get a pretty neat week-in-review email series. If you sign up via this pop-up form, you’ll get a new email each week with all of the recent Two Hearts news, so you can’t miss a thing! It works great on desktops and mobile devices alike. I think it’s pretty exciting.

But perhaps even more exciting is the development of our very own monthly newsletter, which has been lovingly titled Stitch Monthly. Currently, only followers who have signed up for the weekly roundup have the option to receive the newsletter, but I’m working on finding a way around that in MailChimp. I’ll keep you posted!

I’m very much looking forward to this newsletter. Want to know what kind of things we’ll cover? Check out this little preview:

Sample Preview

Each issue of Stitch Monthly will be sent out to subscribers at the beginning of every month. I’m still working on the design a little, and obviously I still need to add content. But it’s looking good! Woo!

In other news, I am *this close* to finishing my second Bobble Sheep pillow, at which point I’ll be able to take pictures and post the pattern, which I’m very excited about. I am hoping to have that posted sometime this weekend.

I’m also very close to having finished the pattern for Moana, which will then need to be sent to testers. What do you think so far? She still needs hair, obviously, plus a few other little details. But I think she’s going to look amazing!



I’ve also finished the patterns for Anna and Elsa, who are currently having their patterns tested by our wonderful testing team. I think Elsa is my new favorite–I just love how her hair turned out!


And, after this weekend, I should have received all of the feedback from our testers regarding our Mini Wonder Woman ami, so I should be able to post her pattern soon, too! Yay! She is seriously one of the best things I have ever made; I’m so proud of how she turned out.File_002

We have so many fun projects going on over here right now! And to top it all off, our Peanuts CAL begins next month. I’ve decided that I won’t be making this blanket, so I will be posting all nine squares for the Peanuts CAL at once. So I guess it’s no longer a CAL and just a graphghan pattern? Eh. Either way, it’s gonna be cute! I can’t wait to see how you clever crafting people make the patterns work for you.

I hope to have the color/yardage chart available tomorrow, so stay tuned! I’m trying something new, yardage-wise, so let me know what you think when you see it.

AND, I ordered my yarn for next year’s Solar System CAL. It’s never too early to start, right? I have a feeling there’ll be a lot of kinks to work out with that pattern, so I may as well get a head start.

Like I said, so many projects! I hope you all are working on whatever makes you happy. Have a super crafty day!


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