Here’s to a LONG weekend…

Well, the good news is that I have the rest of this week off from work. The bad news is that it’s not for fun. I am having more dental work done.

Yes, more.

For those who’ve been following along, you know that I’ve spent the last two years in and out of the dentist’s chair. I was a very bad girl (floss your teeth, people!), and I’ve been paying the price (for real though). While I had finally got caught up on all of the restorative work that I had to do just a few months ago, I’m still working on getting some of my wisdom teeth removed.

That’s right–I’ll be a little less wise tomorrow! But it’ll be worth it. And, bonus, I get to stay home for a few days and watch Disney movies and ignore the outside world.

This will be my second wisdom tooth extraction (2 of 3, they tell me), and I’m hoping that the healing process is quicker and smoother than last time. I also really want to use up some of this “vacation time” to crochet some smaller projects. I’m very close to finishing the pattern for Anna (Merida is done and has just been sent to our testers), and I hope I’ll be able to finish her pattern by the weekend.


In more WIP news, I’m working on my second Bobble Sheep Pillow, and I hope to have that pattern posted soon. I’m also collecting feedback on my Mini Wonder Woman Ami, who’s probably my favorite thing that I’ve ever made. Isn’t she just adorbs?


Last time I had a wisdom tooth extracted, I made some not-so-smart decisions and threw my husband a surprise birthday dinner party the next day. I over-exerted myself, and I definitely paid for that bad choice afterwards.

This time, I plan to take it nice and easy. I even have a handful of Disney movies coming in the mail on Thursday. Plus, I’ve started watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix, and oh man, I love that show. And, I’ve got to catch up on Game of Thrones again because SEASON SEVEN STARTS IN FIVE DAYS! That’s right! FIVE!

So if the blog lights go a bit dark over the next week, don’t worry! I’m still around. I’d LOVE to see more pics of your finished GoT blankets–maybe it’ll inspire me to keep working on mine? (Although it’s hard to crochet blankets when your house is as warm as mine is…)

Happy crafting everyone! May your week go better than mine will! <3 <3

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  1. You poor girl. I’m visiting the dentist also a lot this year. Wednesday I start the process of having 4 posts put in so my bottom denture will fit & not keep floating around. It has been 2 years of fighting these dentures & I’m so sick of all the pain. In June I had some bone removed down front & that 2″ incision is still trying to heal with my denture rubbing on it all the time. Needless to say, I’m gumming it a lot this summer.

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