Coming Soon: Bobble Sheep Pillows

The weekend is finally here! And I know just how I’m going to spend it: crocheting!

I’ve been working on a super fun project this week, and I’m very excited with the results so far. After seeing these lovely knit sheep pillows on my social media feed, I just knew I had to have a crocheted set of my own! I looked and looked, but I couldn’t find anything that fit what I wanted in a sheep pillow. Naturally, this means I had to make my own!


I’m working on the pretty sheep’s face right now, and I hope to have it (and the little sheep ears!) finished later this afternoon in time to send the pattern to our testing team.

What I like best about this pattern is that it’s really easy. If you know how to work in the round and you can learn how to do the bobble stitch, you can definitely make this pattern! Trust me, the bobbles look more intimidating than they really are. In fact, I loved the making the bobbles so much that I had a hard time switching back to regular double crochet afterwards!

The trick to this pattern is that the pillow “cover” is made in two pieces, one for each side of the pillow. The sheep head is sewn onto one side and then the sides are joined together all the way around the inserted pillow.

Seriously, it’s easy. Heck, there are only 18 rows of bobbles for the entire pillow! And, once you get going, it really does work up quick. I’d say this would be a good weekend project. And if you, like me, enjoy quick projects, you’ll love this one!

The pattern will be published here on the blog after July 14th, but I’ll be sending out another notification when it’s ready.

While I will be posting this pattern for free on the blog, I will also be offering a neat and tidy PDF version in my Etsy shop for a small fee. This is my very first pattern that will be offered for sale, and it will offer a clean printable format, a stitch key, and some helpful “designer notes”.

I really hope you all like these bobble sheep pillows. I’ll post more pictures when I finish the little sheep’s head!

Keep it crafty!

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