Coming Soon: The TARDIS Cowl

I have just enough sanity left this week to finally share my latest “mystery” project with all of you!

I’ve been working on this project for several weeks now, but I’m just now getting close to the end. I had to wait for some more yarn to arrive in the mail, and now I’m working on the last little bit!

Nearly a month ago, I shared this photo as a sneak peek in one of our blog posts:


It’s hard to tell from the picture what exactly is going on here. Clearly  there’s some colorwork. Clearly, it’s a Whovian project. And that’s about it. The only hints I had given at that point were that it would be wearable and gleefully geeky. And it is!

BTW, the Twelfth Doctor’s sonic is awesome.

This is my first cowl project, and I’m absolutely loving the way it is turning out. I was inspired by The Hiking Moose Cowl, designed by the lovely Phil from The Twisted Yarn blog. I’d never had any real interest in trying tapestry crochet before, but when I saw Phil’s gorgeous pattern, I knew I had to try!

And, also, TARDIS!

Here’s a couple more pictures:



I am working on the top band now, and I hope to have it finished tonight. Now, I’m not exactly the cowl-wearing type, but I can be persuaded for a pattern like this!

I’m using a size D/3.25mm hook and some DK yarn, but if you want to have a little more give when you pull it over your head, I’d recommend sizing up a hook! As it is, it fits nicely (perhaps a little snugly) over my own head while wearing my glasses.

This project has been so much fun to make, and it’s a pretty easy technique, even for first timers like myself! I’ve had such a blast that I don’t plan to stop with just this cowl! In fact, I hope to be able to offer lots of great geeky cowl patterns that use this technique.

I hope to have this pattern written up and ready to go sometime this weekend, so keep an eye out for it!

And, just for your viewing pleasure, here’s some terrible photos of myself wearing the mostly-finished cowl. Enjoy my awkward selfie skills!




8 thoughts on “Coming Soon: The TARDIS Cowl

  1. You are a very beautiful young lady! I can’t wait for the pattern. I love it so far and so will my geeky grandchildren!

  2. What a brilliant project idea! This one project will probably be my reason for learning to do tapestry crochet! How long did it take you to make up, once the patten was worked out? 😀

    1. I loved it! I had to frog the whole thing once early on, but this final version probably has about 10 hours of work in it. But I’ve been working real slow on it!

  3. I can’t wait to have a go at making this. Ms Phil’s magnificent opus of a cowl slightly intimidated me but this makes my heart SING. Lovely cowl and excellent selfies 🙂

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