Candid Crafters: An Interview with Sam from PatternPiper Crochet

How is it already May?! This year is just flying by–and what better way to start the month than with another crafty interview!

As part of the Candid Crafter Interview series, we will post a new interview with an amazing crochet blogger at the beginning of every month this year.

This month, we’re talking with Sam from PatternPiper Crochet. This is one of the very first crafting blogs I stumbled upon, and I just adore her work. I hope you do, too! Check out the Pattern Piper Crochet blog here!

1. How long have you been crocheting?

I’ve been crocheting proper for just over 6 years now, but my Nanny taught me how to make granny squares (or Nanny squares as I like to call them) when I was a child. We used to go to her house in the summer holidays and I remember sitting on the sofa working on big granny square blankets with her and my sister whilst we watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Grease on video. I didn’t crochet for many, many years and then started again in 2010, refreshing my memory using blogs and You Tube tutorials.

2. What’s your favorite type of yarn to use?PatternPiper_Blue_White_Herringbone_Blanket_05

I’m quite low maintenance when it comes to yarn. I do like the more luxurious yarns but I don’t tend to buy them as most of my makes are blankets or accessories, so a good cotton or acrylic are usually my go to yarns. In terms of blanket making I haven’t really found a better yarn for me than Stylecraft Special DK. It’s soft, washes and tumble dries well and it’s not squeaky or scratchy like some other acrylic yarns can be.

3. What’s your favorite type of hook to use?

My favourite hooks are the Clover Soft Touch hooks. I’ve tried others but these seem to work well for me. No more achey hands. I’m also a bit of a hook chewer and have found that I tend to ruin those with a softer covering – I don’t have this problem with the Clover Soft Touch hooks as the handles are made from a more durable plastic.

4. Do you weave in your yarn tails as you go or save them all for the end?

What I’d like to say here is “Yes, I always weave in the ends as I go!” but in reality I don’t and then I get all disheartened at the end of a project because I have so may ends to deal with. I’m trying really hard to get into the habit of weaving in ends as I go and I am getting better. I’m weaving in the ends of my current project, a groovyghan, as I go and I’m so chuffed with myself as I know that when I get to the end it’ll be ready to go with no faffing about required.

Displaying PatternPiper Profile.jpg5. Do you have any fun projects coming up that we can spread the word about?

I’m currently making a groovyghan blanket just for me. It’s big (king size) and I like to wrap myself up in it on cold days (as you can see in my profile picture!). I’m hoping to find time to write a tutorial for a twist on the granny square that I’ve been working on. But as you may have noticed my blogging and crochet time has been quite limited recently so who knows when this might actually happen – you’ll have to watch this space ;0)

6. What advice do you have for your fellow crocheters?

My advice for fellow crocheters would be to weave in those ends as you go! Ha ha, easy for me to say! What I do do though is always leave a slight tail after I woven in the ends and then snip it after I have blocked the project. This way the fabric has stretched and the fibres relaxed and you don’t get any surprise ends popping back through during or after blocking.

Many thanks to Sam for participating in our Candid Crafters interview series!

Our next Candid Crafters interview will be on Thursday, June 1st. In the meantime, happy crafting!

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