GoT CAL: House Arryn

Happy Friday, crafters!

Welcome to week four of our Game of Thrones CAL! This week’s designs feature what I think is one of the prettiest house sigils (and one of the weirdest houses): House Arryn!

I just love the blue against the white in these designs, not to mention the design of the sigil itself… *le sigh*

Fun fact: this was the first GoT CAL design I made! It was the product of testing a cool new graphing program (details to come soon!), and I absolutely fell in love. Check out the graphs below!


You can download the PDF House Arryn graphs here.

This PDF contains the graphs for the 50×75 banner AND the 50×50 house sigil and house words squares.

EDIT: We have some lovely crafters who have offered up their time and their sanity to help provide written instructions for this CAL! You can download the complete written instructions PDF packet here.

I’m pretty excited about next week’s designs: it’s House Baratheon! I love the black stag on the yellow field–very striking!

I am still working on my House Stark banner. I’m afraid I’m losing my crojo, but I’m forcing myself to do a little bit of work on it at a time. I hope to have some serious crochet time this weekend, so hopefully I’ll finally get it done! I’ve only got about 45 more rows left, and they’re all decreasing rows–it’s got to get easier from here, right?

Have a crafty weekend!

Looking for the yardage/color chart? Find it here!

Want to start, but you’re not familiar with C2C? Check out our tutorial series here.

Missed the previous weeks’ designs? Find them here!

Please feel free to share pictures of your progress on our Facebook page! Find us @twoheartscrochetblog. Happy crafting!

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