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Hello crafters!

Because of many reasons (some of which are mentioned in this post), I am unable to provide written instructions for our CALs. I know how useful some crafters found them, and it eats me up that I don’t have the time to provide those helpful instructions.

HOWEVER! (Because what fun is life without howevers?)

I want to offer this opportunity to our little crafting community by asking for volunteers to write out the written instructions for our CAL graphs.

What are the benefits of taking on this task?

For starters, you’d be helping out a large part of our crafting community! Lots of people prefer to go by the written instructions, sometimes because they find it difficult to follow the graphs themselves (which can be a little complicated).

Also, I would happily send you a copy of the graphs before they are set to be released, so you’ll get them before anyone else. I’ll also send you a template you can use to write out each row.

How would I write out the rows?

Using the template, start in the lower right-hand corner of the graphs. Following the arrows on the graphs, count the number of blocks of the same colors and write that down in the template.

And that’s it! It’s pretty simple–it just takes time.

What kind of technology would I need to have?

I’d like to send the graphs and templates to you by email, so access to email service and internet is a must.

The graphs will be sent in PDF format, so you’ll need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader (or some other form of PDF viewer).

You’ll also need to have Microsoft Word on your computer, because the template I have will be in .doc format. (I assume that any other document-editing program that accepts .doc formats would also work, but I am unfamiliar with such programs!)

How many volunteers do you need?

I’m looking for one amazing volunteer to tackle the Firefly CAL squares. Because this CAL is over (at least for us here on the blog), we don’t need these written instructions back right away (however a timely return would still be appreciated). Unfortunately, I don’t have anything I can offer to this volunteer except my undying gratitude!

I’m also looking for three awesome volunteers to take on the Game of Thrones designs (one for the banner, one for just the words, one for just the sigil). Because this is a current CAL, I’d love to have these written instructions back as soon as possible. As the weeks progress, I will email you the graphs ahead of time, so you’ll have access the graphs earlier than everyone else!

When future CALs are announced, I will open this opportunity up again for people to take part in those designs!

How can I apply for this opportunity?

Simply fill out the forms below if you meet the following prerequisites:

  • Want to work on the Firefly CAL designs and send get the written instructions back within a month or so
  • OR you want to on the Game of Thrones CAL designs and can get them back weekly starting with House Baratheon (Robert)
    • Obviously there will be delays for the designs already released–that’s okay! But the sooner the better for all the members of our crafty little community!

I hope to have volunteers selected as soon as possible, so I will close down the entry forms soon, depending on the number of people who volunteer. Make sure you sign up!

EDIT: Wow! So many responses so soon! I’ve closed this opportunity for now and hope to select our chosen volunteers this afternoon. When we get ready to start the Peanuts CAL, I’ll be asking for volunteers again, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks so much to everyone who has volunteered!


6 thoughts on “Help Wanted!

  1. I hope someone volunteers for these beautiful patterns. I have been trying to do the C2C for the GOT but can’t for the life of me figure them out! I have even tried to do it in HDC but the sides come out all wonky!

  2. I am willing. Ive been using patterns and creating patterns for 50 years. Just let me know what you need.
    Carol Carlile

    1. I am interested in helping you. I’m 71, been crocheting 50 years & have had around 30 of my patterns published.

      Carol Carlile

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