2018…and beyond!

If you’re like me, you can never have too many crochet projects!

Even though the Game of Thrones CAL is in its early stages, we’re already looking forward to the projects of the future. Later this year, we’ll be hosting a super fun Peanuts CAL.

But what about next year? Well, I’ll tell you!

We had hundreds of suggestions for different CAL ideas, and it was so incredibly hard to choose. That just means we have lots of options for the future, right?

So far, here are our top contenders:

  • A Winnie the Pooh-themed baby blanket
    • Details are still TBD, but I’m thinking a square per main character, with light/pastel colors. Basically, something perfect for a nursery!
    • I’m also thinking that this will be a pattern set that is released all at once, rather than a multi-week CAL. We shall see!
  • A Solar System blanket CAL
    • Again, details are TBD, but it is going to be out of this world–pun intended!
  • A Mystery Amigurumi CAL
    • This is the one I’m perhaps most excited about. I’ve got a hundred different ideas floating around my head, but I’m not sharing until 2018 gets closer!
    • However, I will tell you that I’m planning for this one to take place all year, with a new ami pattern hopefully every other week (maybe once a month, if things get too crazy).

I hope you’ll join us for these fun projects! They might move around a bit if something extra exciting comes up.

Obviously, more details will be shared as we get closer to the end of the year. But I hope you’ll stick around for the rest of the GoT CAL and the upcoming Peanuts CAL! It’s going to be oodles of fun!

Published by Alex Mikkelborg

I fell in love with crochet in college, and since then I've made hats, scarves, afghans, stuffed animals, Christmas ornaments and so much more! I also recently taught myself how to knit, and now I have twice as many reasons to buy more yarn! "She who dies with the most yarn wins!"

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