GoT CAL: House Lannister

C’mon–we all love to hate the Lannisters. They’re a house full of exceptionally evil bad guys with a few redeeming qualities. I love them! (Especially Tyrion!)

I decided to release this week’s designs a little early because I will be spending most of tomorrow morning in the dentist’s chair, and I probably won’t even be able to pick up a crochet hook, let alone put together a blog post with links that work!

This week’s designs feature the lovely lion of House Lannister, and I must say they look pretty sharp in the red and gold, don’t you think? I’m still working away on my House Stark banner, but I hope to finish it this weekend and maybe get a start on this one!

You can download the PDF House Lannister graphs here.

This PDF contains the graphs for the 50×75 banner AND the 50×50 house sigil and house words squares. The banner is spread out onto two pages (you can print, trim, and tape them together to view the whole graph), while the squares are on one page each.

EDIT: We have some lovely crafters who have offered up their time and their sanity to help provide written instructions for this CAL! You can download the complete written instructions PDF packet here.

Next up will be House Arryn representing the Knights of the Vale. Personally, I think House Arryn’s banner is one of the prettiest!

I hope everyone has a great weekend full of lots of craftiness!

Looking for the yardage/color chart? Find it here!

Want to start, but you’re not familiar with C2C? Check out our tutorial series here.

Need to see the other squares? Click here to check out the release schedule for the other designs.

Please feel free to share pictures of your progress on our Facebook page! Find us @twoheartscrochetblog. Happy crafting!

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