Testers Needed!

My husband says I’m insane because I have a habit of starting new projects while in the middle of other projects… Maybe he’s right, but oh well!

I had been wanting to make a small collection of Supernatural amis for a long, long while. I needed a break from C2C and a break from princesses, and that’s pretty much how it started!

These Supernatural amis follow the same sort of patterns as my other mini ami patterns. They stand about 3″ high and are packed full of adorableness.

If you would like to test these patterns, please fill out the form below. We’re looking for about 5 testers who:

  • LOVE Supernatural
  • can test all three patterns within the week and return feedback to us by next Sunday, April 23rd
  • have the following supplies on hand:
    • worsted-weight yarn in beige, white, black, dark red, dark green, blue, camel (for Castiel’s coat), brown, medium brown
    • size D 3.25 mm hook (you can size up a little if needed)
    • Polyester Fiberfill Stuffing (available at any local craft store)
    • plastic Safety Eyes, 6mm, black (2 per doll)
    • yarn needle (for sewing in ends)

EDIT: Wow, what a response! We’ve had so many people respond so quickly that we’re going to go ahead and close this request for testers. Many many thanks to everyone! The patterns will be sent out to our testers today, so check your emails!

If you meet these prerequisites and would like to be a tester, please complete the form! The pattern is ready to be sent out TODAY, so let us know! <3 <3


2 thoughts on “Testers Needed!

  1. I did not get an opportunity to try this one out, but in the future, I am more than happy to help, I also have a question for you, I have a pattern I, wrote, it’s inspired by my great aunt, would you be willing to look at the pattern and proof read it for errors, this is my first pattern ever written.

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