GoT CAL: House Stark

Rally the realm…

The Game of Thrones CAL is finally here! And I can think of no better place to start than with House Stark.

My husband identifies most with the Starks. They are (for the most part) a noble, loyal, ethics- and honor-bound house with a long lineage. And whether or not we like the Stark’s house words (Winter is Coming!), sooner or later they’re always right!

I am still working on my own Stark banner, but here’s a pic for inspiration:

Making progress!

You can download the PDF House Stark graphs here.

This PDF contains the graphs for the 50×75 banner AND the 50×50 house sigil and house words squares. The banner is spread out onto two pages (you can print, trim, and tape them together to view the whole graph), while the squares are on one page each.

EDIT: We have some lovely crafters who have offered up their time and their sanity to help provide written instructions for this CAL! You can download the complete written instructions PDF packet here.

You may notice that the row numbering style has changed from the style of our previous graphs. This is because I’m using a new graphing app–details on its wondrous powers to come!

This new app numbers every 5th row for the banner-style design, but numbers every row for the square-style design. I have not yet figured out why it does this, or if there’s a way to change this, but some numbers are better than no numbers.

However, I’m still able to add the arrows to these graphs, so yay! I’m still learning the finer traits of this new graphing app, but I can tell you that it is awesome and much easier (and more mobile!) than Microsoft Excel! (And bonus: it’s way more affordable!)

Note that these graphs are still designed to be worked starting in the lower right-hand corner. The row numbers restart the count at the corners, but you can still keep going. They’ll be correct as long as you start in the lower right-hand corner.

I’ve tried to mix up the design release so that the most popular houses (like Stark, Targaryen, and Lannister) are scattered every other week or so. This way, you’ll have a week or two for crocheting before another one of your favorites becomes available!

Time to get back to work on my Stark banner–happy crafting!

Looking for the yardage/color chart? Find it here!

Want to start, but you’re not familiar with C2C? Check out our tutorial series here.

Need to see the other squares? Click here to check out the release schedule for the other designs.

Please feel free to share pictures of your progress on our Facebook page! Find us @twoheartscrochetblog. Happy crafting!

13 thoughts on “GoT CAL: House Stark

  1. Hi I really want to do this CAL for my brother for Christmas but I’m in the process of moving 2and half hours away from current home running back and forth like a chicken with its head cut off and the only connection to internet I have right now is my phone. Sorry TMI my question is how long will these awesome patterns be available?

      1. Thank you so much!!! Can’t wait to get settled and organized enough to start!!!!!
        I love your designs!

  2. I am desperately needing to win the lotto! I have at least 6 projects started and now I want to start this one! 😩 I think I can fit this beautiful CAL in with the others. 😬 Thank you so much for putting your time and effort into all these wonderful graphs.

  3. This would be my very first graph and CAL and i’m very excited to do it. I have a few questions before I begin. I would like to do it in SC or HDC instead of mini C2C., which one would work best? would it come out the same size or bigger when doing it as SC or HDC?. I would like to do all the houses and words would i have to make it smaller to be able to do it?

    1. Hi Natty,

      I’d recommend doing a test swatch in sc and a test swatch in hdc and see which you like best. Personally, if one block on the graphs is one stitch, I think sc would work best. You’d also be able to do all of the houses that way and not end up with too large of a blanket (although that’s still a lot of houses, so it could still be large!).

      You can always size down a hook and see how you like that, too.

      I’d recommend doing a test swatch of 5×5, then measure the height and width. Multiply the width by 10 (this will tell you approximately how long the width of the full panel will be) and multiply the height by 15 (this will tell you the height). Then you can figure out how large each House banner will be and see how large your blanket would be on the whole!

      Lots of information there, but I hope it helps!

  4. Hi, there looks like there’s a mistake in the Stark Sigil.

    Row 32: 19 GR, 5 BL, 8 GR, 3 BL (32 blocks) – has 35 blocks
    Row 33: 4 BL, 3 GR, 3 BL, 20 GR (33 blocks) – has 30

      1. Correction for sigil

        Row 32: 19g, 5b, 8g (32 blocks)
        Row 33: 3g, 4b, 3g, 3b, 20g (33)

  5. Where can I find the banner with game of thrones on it . I had it and now I cannot find it

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