Sneak Peek (And a New Project, too!)

Crafters, I am so incredibly excited about this project.

With the patterns for the Star Trek Ami sets soon to be released, I’ve been thinking about making something to hold all of them in! After all, they’ll need a home, right?

Because I love a challenge, and I love to try new crafts, I have finally branched into plastic canvas. And let me tell you, it is AMAZING!

My goal is to create a plastic canvas starship Enterprise–specifically, the saucer section–which will open in a clamshell-type fashion via a hidden zipper.

Like I said, I love a challenge.

While I wait for my plastic canvas circles for the saucer section to arrive in the mail, I decided that I’d have to at least try to make Captain Kirk’s chair! It was a bit of a struggle at first, and putting all of the pieces together was kind of a pain (tiny holes+slippery needle=not easy to stitch together!), but I absolutely adore the final product. It’s far from perfect, but it’s not bad for a first plastic canvas project, don’t you think?


Don’t worry–I’ve been writing down notes as I go, and I’ve saved the directions and templates for the chair pieces, so you’ll be able to make one, too!

There’s a bit of a learning (and shopping) curve, but after a little bit of experimenting I can think of so many projects that plastic canvas would be great for. (Plastic canvas Delta Flyer, anyone?!)

Now, this is going to be a pretty massive project. You are more than welcome to start and end with just the Captain’s chair. If you too love a challenge, then please join me for a big complicated and crazy awesome project!

The idea will be to recreate a(n obviously limited) version of the bridge of the starship Enterprise. But it’s so much better than that! It will be REVERSIBLE.

Yes, reversible! As in you will be able to change out features to transform the Enterprise from NCC 1701 to NCC 1701-D. Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

I know–challenge! But hey, I figure you’ve gotta go big or go home with something like this, right?

This saucer section will feature:

  • A few plastic canvas furniture pieces (such as the con and the captain’s chair/s)
  • A REVERSIBLE fabric wall/backdrop that shows stations, displays, and turbolift doors for both bridges; attachable to the plastic canvas walls by hook-and-loom tape (this will be the most complex part by far)
  • A REVERSIBLE fabric floor (grey for TOS, tan for TNG)
  • A clam-shell zipper
  • NCC 1701 and NCC 1701-D lettering for the hull of the saucer section

To hold the extra furniture pieces, I’ll also be designing a C2C Star Trek-themed bag (which, if you prefer, you can also just use to hold all your Star Trek amis, rather than make the Enterprise itself).

I will be providing patterns/templates for all of the furniture AND the reversible wall/backdrop piece. I’m new to plastic canvas and not a very experienced sewer, so keep in mind that I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing. But it sure is fun, and I do hope you’ll join me!

Want to try your hand at some plastic canvas projects? Check out this website for more info on the hobby!


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  1. I’m excited to see what you come up with. years ago when my kids were little the biggest plastic canvas project I made was a Barbie camper. it was a massive 3 feet long.

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