The Firefly CAL: Blue Sun Logo and Vera

Oh my goodness–what a week!

Apologies for not getting the last couple of squares for our Firefly CAL posted yesterday. I seriously don’t know what happened to my Friday, but the time just seemed to just disappear!

Nevertheless, I have the patterns for these two squares here for you at last! I did not make Vera for my blanket, but I did make the Blue Sun logo–and it turned out pretty great! Pictures to come soon!

You can download the PDF graph for the Blue Sun Logo square here.

You can download the PDF graph for the Vera square here.

Each PDF contains a graph and a legend that lists the hook size and the recommended yarn for that square. They also have arrows on them and are arranged for use with the C2C method, starting in the bottom-right corner of the graphs.

Wondering where the written instructions are? You can find more information on why they’re not here in this post.

Looking for the yardage/color chart? Find it here!

Want to start, but you’re not familiar with C2C? Check out our tutorial series here.

Need to see the other squares? Check out the rest of the Firefly CAL squares here!


I hope to release the PDF graphs for the banners soon–maybe not this week, but probably the week after. Stay tuned!

Happy crafting! (And, ICYMI, make sure to stream Firefly on Netflix, because it will be leaving April 1st!)

Please feel free to share pictures of your progress on our Facebook page! Find us @twoheartscrochetblog. Happy crafting!

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