How to decide?

Unfortunately, I have to work full time in order to support my crochet hobby. (Okay, and the other non-crafty aspects of my life.)

That means that my crafting time is limited. So while there are so many projects I want to do, I don’t have nearly enough time to do them all!

Basically, this means that I have to plan my projects (especially my CALs) well in advance. It’s only February, but we have a full year booked for 2017. I’ve also got some ideas for some small non-CAL projects that I hope to sneak in at random this year.

But next year?

Ah, 2018. A blank slate. I could make whatever I want! But there’s just one problem…

Too. Many. Ideas.

Here’s what I’ve got running around my brain:

Muppets CAL. LOTR CAL. Superhero/Super Villain CAL. 90’s CAL. Solar System CAL. General Science CAL. Crochet CAL. Supernatural CAL. Typewriter CAL. Monsters of Doctor Who CAL. General Sci-Fi CAL.

And so many amis! Supernatural. Doctor Who. The Hobbit/LOTR. Gilmore Girls. Sherlock. More STEMinism amis. Self-portrait amis. Princess Bride. Pirates of the Caribbean.

How does a crafter choose?

2018 is going to be such a fun year full of amazing projects. Who knows–we may even make it a themed year!

If there is something listed here that excites you, please let me know! Leave a comment or send me an email–I’d love to hear your opinions. Thanks for reading!


17 thoughts on “How to decide?

  1. Supernatural and LOTR CALs sound great to me. A Buffy CAL would also be super-awesome.

  2. superhereos sounds a great idea with both male and female figures, and muppets too. love your designs. thank you for your time in doing the patterns, x

  3. I think all of them are great – must confess really love the idea of The Muppets – a firm favourite of my Family. Can I ask whilst on if you have done a Pokemon Cal ? I have two of my Grandchildren who are Pokemon mad but I cannot see a pattern. I am fairly new to Crochet but The Harry Potter and Star Wars Cals are works slowly in progress. I find your patterns truly amazing so easy to follow and am so glad I found you. Long may you continue 😉❤

  4. The ones that stand out for me are: The superhero/ super villian CAL, Supernatural CAL, and the solar system CAL. If I had to choose one it would be Supernatural because I am a HUGE fan!

  5. Love all the ideas and your patterns are always great. I’m still hoping for a Monument Valley CAL. There is something about that game design that I think would look super worked up.

  6. Goodness, at the rate you are coming up with ideas I may have to get a job to buy yarn. I am still working on Harry Potter and I have Firefly going. Thanks for the amazing projects.

  7. Muppets were my jam as a kid! I’m intrigued by the typewriter & crochet CAL. Have you thought about having helpers? Kind of like Fandom in Stitches does with their fandom quilts. Just a thought!

  8. Super hero’s, pirates. Would also like a Buffy the vampire slayer. Thanks for all you do!

  9. Muppets! Muppets! Muppets! 😍 Especially if they’re old school muppets. What about a holiday CAL one based on the old movie, Muppet Family Christmas where Muppet muppets and sesame street muppets were all together? That would give more options, and there was a snow man in that movie as well.

  10. Muppets would be great, and hopefully by next year I will have finished my HP and Princess blankets. 😊

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