Progress Report: STEMinism Doll Set

Happy Monday, crafters!

I’ve been down with some kind of flu bug these last several days. Nothing too bad for too long, but it’s given me lots of downtime, which I’ve tried to use working on various projects.

My yarn for my Hufflepuff throw blanket finally arrived so I’ve made some progress on that, and I’ve also put together the last few details of the DS9 amigurumi set AND started on the Voyager set.

But the most exciting project I’ve been working on lately has been this: a STEMinism doll set.

Over the last several years, there has been a major push to include more STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs in education. These fields are typically male-dominated, and there has been an active measure to add more women to these types of fields in the name of diversity and inclusion.

Personally, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I went off to college, and I unfortunately didn’t figure it out until after I had graduated. If someone would have told me, “Get yourself into computer science and graphic design!”–I would have definitely listened, and I’d probably be in an entirely different place in life right now.

When I have kids, I am definitely going to encourage them to participate in STEM subjects in school, as well as the arts and humanities. It’s hard to find things you love without trying different things!

To that end, I decided to make this doll set that features women in a variety of occupations that are typically considered to be male-dominated. I’ve called it the STEMinism Doll Set after a series of hashtags that recently crossed my social media feed, which included #STEM, #addwomen, and #STEMinism.


Pictured above, we have (from right to left): Senator Sofia, Scientist Sue, and Mechanic Mieko. Also included in this set will be Astronaut Ava, Architect Ashlee, Doctor Des, and Activist Alex.

Each doll comes with her own little accessories related to her field. For example, Senator Sofia has her cell phone ready at hand to take that important call, and Mechanic Mieko is all set to get fixin’ with her crocheted crescent wrench!

I am preparing the pattern set as we speak, and I hope to have it available this week. Stay tuned for more great STEMinism action!

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  1. My husband always says that what he needs in his father’s oil heating business are women service workers. He says that he can’t teach men because they don’t give a crap. He thinks most women pay more attention to how they are told to fix something. The service person is required to install boilers, fix peoples heating problems & run heating pipes among other things.

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