Pattern Testers Have Been Chosen!

If you wanted to be a pattern tester for our Star Trek Amigurumi pattern set, check your email!

We had over 100 people contact us over 24 hours volunteering to be pattern testers for this project. It was so hard to choose, but we selected five crafters for each pattern set. Emails were sent to everyone who contacted us via our contact form last week, including those who were selected.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered! We hope you’ll consider volunteering for future testing projects.

Happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “Pattern Testers Have Been Chosen!

  1. That’s a fab amount of people applying! I’m really excited about this project 🙂 I know you’re very busy but I haven’t had an email. I wasn’t expecting to be picked so am not too worried about where the email has gone, but I don’t want to let you down if you have picked me. Can you let me know please?

    1. Hi Rachelle! Apologies, but you were not among the few that were chosen. I’m sorry you haven’t seen an email yet! My email inbox was just flooded, and I had to type in everyone’s name individually, so I apologize if I skipped you by accident! <3 <3

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