Mini Star Trek Amigurumi Update

I LOVE Star Trek. And that’s putting it mildly. If I had to choose my top three favorite geeky things, it would be a 3-way tie between all of Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter. And I still think I’d lean towards Star Trek, if only by a fraction of a point.

You probably know that I’ve been working on some mini Star Trek amigurumi patterns, which I had hoped to release by the end of January. While I’m making some good progress, I just don’t see myself completing these patterns in the last few days of the month. This is because of a few things:

  • Quark’s head has been difficult. Very difficult.
  • I do not have the right color yarn for Odo’s hair (which surprised even me, given how large my yarn stash is)
  • I’ve been working on getting some of the Firefly CAL squares done in advance so that I can have pretty pictures ready for you every week
  • I’ve also decided that I must make the Voyager crew–so more Star Trek characters!


So far, I’ve made the crews from The Original Series and The Next Generation. I’m not 100% pleased with a few of the characters (Chekov, for instance, but I think I have a fix for him…), but for the most part they have turned out great!

My Deep Space Nine crew is coming along pretty well, too. I’ve just finished up Chief O’Brien, and I think he and Dax and Kira are my favorites from that crew so far.

Now if only I can figure out Quark’s darn Ferengi head…

I am also preparing to get started on another top-secret and AWESOME Star Trek pattern. I won’t release any details until I work out some kinks and can give you a proper sneak peek, but trust me, it’s going to be worth your weight in latinum!

And, lastly, I’ve been making these dolls as I work my way through all of the Star Trek series. I’m currently in the last season of Voyager, and I suspect that when I start watching Enterprise, I’ll want to make some of their crew, too!

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