Introducing Candid Crafters: an Interview Series

To be a good blogger, you can’t just write about things–you also have to read about other things in your areas of interest.

For me, naturally, that involves all things related to the fiber arts. I love reading other crochet and knit blogs, and I’m sure that some of my favorites are also some of yours.

In an effort to share some yarn-crafting love around the blogosphere, I’ve reached out to several crochet bloggers and asked if they would be interested in partcipating in a short interview, which I am calling the Candid Crafters series.

I am still in the planning stages of this series and have only heard back from one other blogger so far. However, I wanted to announce this exciting news with all of our readers here.

The plan is to have a Candid Crafters interview every month, hopefully starting in February. I am hoping to include bloggers we all know and love, as well as some you may not know so well! Interviewees will be asked the same six questions, including things like “What’s your favorite type of yarn to use?” It’s quite an exciting series, and I can’t wait to get the yarn-ball rolling!

The first Candid Crafters interview will be with the always lovely Tamara Kelly from Moogly, so check in for that soon!


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