Poll: Firefly CAL Squares

I’ve been dreaming of this Firefly CAL for such a long time. It’s such an amazing series to commemorate in crochet form, and there’s so many different designs to choose from! And that’s where we need your help.
Several weeks ago, we asked our followers what kinds of designs you’d like to see in our Firefly CAL, and we were able to come up with a very extensive list of options. It was also noted that many of our followers wanted the layout of the Firefly CAL to mimic that of our Harry Potter CAL, so we decided on the following layout:
The center square will be a large square depicting everyone’s favorite ship: Serenity. Twelve smaller squares will line the outside.
But what designs should those smaller squares have? That’s where this poll comes in!
Vote in the poll below for your favorite square designs. The top 12 designs will be the ones I create, and they will be the ones that have written instructions with the graphs. Voting closes on December 17th!
Want character squares? You got’em! I won’t be working specific character squares into my design, but I will provide graphs AND written instructions for all of the main characters (Mal, Zoe, Wash, Inara, Simon, River, Kaylee, Jayne, and Shepherd Book).
Need some banners to go with your squares? Not a problem! I’ve also created several banners. Due to the length of them, the “large” banners can be used along the top or bottom, while the “small” banners fit on the left and right sides. We’ll be provided at least the graphs for these banners–maybe some written instructions, too.
Large Banners
Large Banners
Small Banners
Small Banners
Now go vote! Make sure you choose your favorites! (Although it’s so gorram hard to choose!)

9 thoughts on “Poll: Firefly CAL Squares

  1. Can’t believe there are so few votes for Mal’s pretty floral bonnet! I’m gutted. “I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you!” Would have liked to see some kind of tribute the Shepherd Book, since Ron Glass just passed away recently.

  2. I’m so sad that strawberries, and Mal’s bonnet didn’t make the cut. Or anything for Shepherd Book.

    But I’m SO excited for this. 🙂

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