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Hello, crafters!

As October comes to a close–and, dare I say it, so does 2016–I have been trying to narrow down our CAL projects for next year.

Because I’ve been running around like a crazy crafter for most of 2016, I’ve decided to adjust the number of CALs for next year. We’re definitely doing a Firefly CAL and a Game of Thrones CAL–details still TBD. Check out the calendar of CAL’s here.

Perhaps one of the most exciting projects for 2017 that I want to do is something I’m calling the “Crafter’s Choice CAL”. And here’s where I need your help!

In the poll below, I’ve listed some options for blanket CALs I thought might be fun. Please take a look and vote for one! You can also add other options, too, if you don’t see one you’re excited about.

EDIT: The results are in, and you’ve chosen a Peanuts CAL! It was a close one, with the Peanuts beating out the Muppets by a few hundred votes. More details about the Peanuts CAL to come!

A little clarification on the Urban Myths & Legends CAL and the “Under the Sea” CAL. It was my thought that the Urban Myths & Legends CAL could include squares like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster–things of that sort. For the “Under the Sea” CAL, I was thinking things like coral reef, seahorses, sea turtles, swordfish–things like that.

These are just a few ideas. Feel free to add other options to the poll!

I’ll keep the poll open for a while. Vote as many times as you like!

4 thoughts on “Crafter’s Choice CAL

  1. I’m glad the Muppets are ahead. I really like the Muppet Babies. I them on VHS tapes. Guess I’m dating myself. 😉

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