The Dino CAL: T-Rex


Happy Friday, crafters!

Today marks the release of the last official square of our Dino CAl, but don’t despair! I have a couple of bonus (graph-only) squares designed and I’m hoping to share those soon.

Our last official square features perhaps the most iconic of all dinosaurs: the T-Rex! *cue Jurassic Park theme music*


You can download the PDF for the T-Rex square here.

The PDF contains a graph AND written instructions designed for use with the C2C stitch, starting from the right-hand corner of the square.

Looking for ways  to join your the squares of your blanket together? Check out this blog post for more info!

If you’re still looking for a project or two to fill the rest of your year, why not check out my C2C Nintendo Controller Blanket or the As-We-Go Stripey Blanket? I’ll be doing both of these projects, hoping to complete them both by Christmas–feel free to join me! I’ll be posting updates of these projects as I go right here on the blog.

Stay tuned for those bonus Dino squares I mentioned, and happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “The Dino CAL: T-Rex

  1. Written pattern line 29 is wrong it should be 2 t not 1t. Line 28 and 29 are the same.

    1. Only posting in case people were confused like I was 🙂 . Love love love this pattern

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