Anna, Els and Hans(Princess & Villains CAL)

Happy Saturday, crafters!

I know what you’re thinking–Saturday?

Yup. This delay has been the result of lovely dental visit, but that’s okay! Like thousands of others, I’ve never been a fan of dentistry. But, now facing a root canal, I can honestly say that I’d rather just have the root canal than suffer from the tooth pain I’ve been fighting this last week.

The root canal has been scheduled, and I’ve been given some stuff for the pain until then, so on to the next crochet project!

With these last three squares, our Princess & Villains CAL has come to a close. I’m still working up a name panel for my baby sister (who is getting this lovely blanket at Christmas), so I’ll still be working on it for the next week or so.

In the meantime, I’m still working on the designs for the upcoming Dino CAL, but I hope to have them done soon, which would mean that I could finish the color/yardage chart soon, too. But for now, enjoy these last few squares, and keep crafting!

You can download the graphs here:

Anna  |  Elsa  |  Hans

And you can download the written instructions here:

Anna  |  Elsa  |  Hans

Hope your week has been better than mine, full of lots of great crochet time! And here’s your friendly PSA: Go see your dentist. Regularly. <3 <3

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  1. Thank you for the graphgan squares! My princess loving granddaughter will be excited to recieve a blanket from these!

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