Ariel and Ursula (Princess & Villains CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters!

I’m posting this as I’m off for my honeymoon, so I’ll make it short and sweet! This week’s squares are from The Little Mermaid, which was one of my all-time favorites when I was little. Who didn’t want to be a mermaid? (Heck, I still want to be a mermaid!)

Warning: the Ursula square has a ton of ends to weave in. She’s a stinker, but it’s worth it!

You can download the graphs here:

Ariel   |  Ursula

And you can download the written instructions here:

Ariel   |  Ursula

Next week’s squares will feature Pocahontas and the despicable Governor Ratcliffe, as well as Princess Jasmine and the greatest sorcerer in the world, Jafar! Compared to Ursula, they will have much fewer ends to worry about.

Happy crafting! <3 <3

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  1. Hi, I’m in love with every square of this project. I’m starting with Ariel. But I noticed on the picture I found on pinterest that Tinkerbell is also in there but I can’t find the pdf for her.

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