Yarn Color Conversion Charts

Happy Wednesday, crafters!

Everyone has their favorite yarn, and mine is Vanna’s Choice (big surprise there, right?). I know that not everyone can find Vanna’s Choice in the colors they need, so I’ve spent the last couple of weeks putting together a series of yarn color conversion charts!

These charts provide rough approximations of yarn colors for the following yarn brands: Stylecraft Special DK, I Love This Yarn!, Red Heart Super Saver, and Caron Simply Soft.

Please note that some of the yarn colors from Vanna’s Choice yarns could not be approximated in the other brands. Some conversions are not quite as close as I’d like, but they should be close enough!

These conversions were created using photo color samples provided by each line of yarn. Colors will most likely not be exact. Colors without matches have been left blank.

You can download the charts here.

Happy crafting!

5 thoughts on “Yarn Color Conversion Charts

  1. hi, thank you so much for your time, dedication and wonderful chart CALs.
    I am just learning c2c and its because of your star wars, star trek and disney CALs. not living in the US i cant source your preferred yarns so I am happy to see this conversion chart that includes stylecraft special dk yarns.
    my question is does this chart only cover the disney CAL or does it cover all of your previous CALs as well?
    also could you please tell me what the yardage/metres per ball is for Vanna’s Choice as it may not be the same for stylecraft so that would affect the amount of yarn required to complete the projects, stylecraft special dk has 295 metres/322 yards per ball.

    1. Hi Penny! This chart is just a generic conversion chart that can be used for any project that uses any of the listed yarns. Vanna’s Choice yarns are 145 yards per skein!

      1. Thanks for getting back to me, i have saved that list and will be adding others as i notice them in the CALs I plan on doing. Also thanks for the yardage, I can get an accurate idea of yarn needed by knowing this, almost 2.2 balls of VC for each ball of Stylecraft Special DK. Wow without knowing the yardage that would make a huge stash increase if i ordered the number of balls on the yardage chart for VC lol

  2. Hi I’m trying to match stylecraft colors , can you help me match ??? Colors are Copper, duck egg, saffron, apricot, and lemon . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Lori

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