Tutorial: How to Join Squares with Single Crochet

Happy Wednesday, crafters!

I’ve been meaning to put together a photo tutorial for joining squares for a while now–so here it is! This method uses single crochet to stitch together your squares. It’s super easy!

You can join either the right sides together or the wrong sides together. Joining with the wrong sides facing will create a ridge between the squares that will be slightly depressed when looking at the right side of your joined squares–this is the method I will be demonstrating in the tutorial. I find that joining them together this way makes the ridge or seam less visible, especially if you are going to line the back of your blanket.

If you join the right sides together, the ridge will be more visible and will rise up above the surface of your blanket. It creates a neat design feature that looks pretty cool with blocky afghans! To see this style, take a look at the Whovian CAL.

Here’s the bottom line: try it out and see which method you like best! It can be done either way, and you can still line your blanket after.

On to the tutorial! Hover over the smaller images to read the captions!

How to Join Squares Using Single Crochet

To join your squares, you will need yarn in whichever color you wish to join your squares and a crochet hook–preferably the same size crochet hook you used to crochet your blanket squares. The yarn you choose will be visible, so select a color you don’t mind seeing!

  1. Make sure your squares are ready for joining. Weave in any loose yarn tails OR tie them off, as shown below.


  2. Place your squares to be joined together next to each other. In this case, we will be joining the TOS Command square to the TOS Engineering/Ops square so that Command ends up on the left and Engineering/Ops ends up on the right.
    Star Trek CAL No Watermark-4
    Note that we are looking at the wrong sides; when we join these and flip them, the TOS Command square will be on the left and the TOS Engineering/Ops square will be on the right!


  3. Fold your squares together so that the wrong sides are facing out (with the right sides pressed up against each other).

    Star Trek CAL No Watermark-5
    Wrong sides are facing out–you can tell because of all the yarn tails we tied off!
  4. Make sure you start joining along the correct seam. To make sure you’ve got the right side of the squares, take hold of the edge you plan on joining and unfold the squares. Does each square end up on the correct side of the blanket? Good! If not, try the other side! In this case, we will be joining along the left-hand side of the Command square (when looking at the square with the wrong side facing up). In other words, start in the top-most corner of the photo above!
  5. Place your hook through the corner stitch of the Command square AND the corner stitch of the Engineering/Ops square.
    Star Trek CAL No Watermark-6
    The hook is placed into the corner-most stitch of both squares.


  6. With your new yarn, pull up a loop through the corner stitches of both squares and ch 1.
    Star Trek CAL No Watermark-7
    We have now just worked 1 ch st into the corner of both squares. This is our first join!


  7. Making sure to work in both squares, sc across the edge. You are literally single-crocheting the edges of the squares together! When you get to the end of the edge, fasten off.
  8. Use this method to join the other two squares together. You should then end up with two rectangle pieces of a blanket–the top piece and the bottom piece.
    Star Trek CAL No Watermark-12
    You can see we have two rectangular pieces of our lapghan. Now it’s time to join these two pieces together!


  9. Use the same method as above to join the two halves of the blanket together. Fold the top half of the blanket down onto the bottom half. Then start joining in the upper right-hand corner (the edge corner between where the TOS Engineering/Ops square meets the TOS NCC-1701 square).
    Star Trek CAL No Watermark-13
    It’s very important to make sure you are joining along the correct side–otherwise, you might end up with some of your squares upside or otherwise rotated or in the wrong order! When in doubt, you can pin or clip your “seam” together and unfold it to make sure you’ve got it figured out correctly.


  10. Crochet all the way along the edge. When you get to the end, fasten off.
    Star Trek CAL No Watermark-14
    Keep going!


  11. If you have more than four squares, keep using this method to join them together. When you’re finished, work a single crochet border around your entire blanket to make the edge look nice and clean!
    Star Trek CAL No Watermark-15
    All four squares have been joined! (If you don’t want yours to look a little frumpy like mine do, you can always block them before joining!)


And there you have it! Now you’re ready to either gift your blanket, fold it up for winter, snuggle with it, or line the back with fabric!

Happy crafting!

Star Trek CAL-48

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