TOS NCC-1701 (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)

Happy Friday, crafters!

For once, this post is actually (pretty close to being) on-time! Amazing!

This week, we are sharing the final square of our Star Trek Lapghan CAL–but don’t worry! There are still lots of bonus squares to come! I don’t have a photo ready to share of this square, but trust me–it turns out pretty great. I’ll try to get one shared later today!

Pro Tip: When you change colors, move your yarn to the front of your work. I’ve found this helps make my color changes a little crisper and cleaner, which is especially useful for designs with lettering, like this one!

NCC 1701

You can download the PDF here.

This PDF pattern contains the graph and written instructions (with arrows!) for the C2C method, but you can use many different stitches with the graph!

Happy crafting!

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