TOS Engineering/Ops (Star Trek Lapghan CAL)

Oh. My. Goodness.

I feel like such a terrible crafter! I really did mean to have the second square of our Star Trek Lapghan CAL available last Friday, but, alas, my life is insane!

My school celebrated its 124th commencement ceremony on Saturday, which has caused me all sorts of headache, grief, and excitement. The ceremonies (we actually had two) went fairly well, all things considered, but I just wasn’t able to get this square out in time.

The second square of our Star Trek Lapghan CAL is the insignia for my favorite crew members: the engineers! I’m a red shirt at heart, and I’m so sad that I haven’t yet finished this square.

TOS Engineering Ops

I’m halfway done with the work on this square, and it’s my last one before I get to join them together and work on the border!

You can download the PDF here.

This PDF pattern contains the graph and written instructions (with arrows!) for the C2C method, but you can use many different stitches with the graph!

I will also be putting together a post that contains all of the alternate TNG squares, if you’re more of a TNG fan! The alternate squares (TNG Command, Science/Medical, Engineering/Ops, and the Enterprise’s newer registry number NCC-1701-D) come in PDF form and contain a graph and written instructions. They’ll be available today!

I apologize for the delay in the release of this graph. But I promise to reward your patience with some super fun bonus graphs (and LOTS of them) and an adventurous border!

Happy crafting!

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  1. Don’t want to appear picky…I am in total appreciation of the time and effort all these CALs take…I just wanted to ask if there was a typo on the patterns’ first pages so far. It’s written “Increasing rows 1-25” and “Decreasing rows 26-49” However on the second page the increasing rows are 1-30 and decreasing rows 31-59. Just wondering.

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